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How do I get my small dogs to stop digging under the backyard fence and running away??

I have a very large backyard with a 6 foot wooden privacy fence. My 2 small beagle mixes keep finding areas under the fence to dig under. They keep getting out of my yard. I can't put anything to line the whole fence so they can'y get under then fence: it's too large. I can only patch the holes they've already made!!! Please help me with ideas.....


  1. I had the same problem years ago with my dog. The only way we solved it was to bury 2X4's right at the fenceline. When she tried to dig all she hit was the wood and eventually she stopped trying. However this might not be an option for you since your yard is big. Perhaps you could do it in their favorite digging places. Good luck.
  2. I would recommend purchasing a spray bottle filled with citronella spray. While citronella smells foul to most dogs, it is not harmful to them. You could take your bottle along the fence spraying the ground so that now the area near the fence smells foul to them and they will want to stay away from the bottom of the fences. This method can also work for other problem areas, such as chewing a specific object, unwanted jumping on furniture, et cetera, and is completely safe to use.
  3. I would consider these options - dig a gutter around the bottom of you fence, and pour in concrete. My mother used to have a lab who used to dig and get out and she had a concrete bottom put in under the fence so he could no longer dig and get out. Other than that, if thats financially not an option which many people wouldnt take that type of precaution, you need to start monitoring them outside at all times. Let them out, watch them and when they do it, scold them. Or, only let them out to pee and as soon as they are done call them in. Unless you are outside doing yard work, and they want to be outside to play, this way you can monitor their behavior while you are out there with them. Just dont allow unsupervised backyard time. Hope this helps! :)
  4. An old farmer remedy for this says to put balloons with lemon water along the fence. The dogs might break the balloons, at which point they'll get a faceful of diluted lemonade. Won't hurt them, but they sure won't like it either.
  5. electric fence
  6. Chicken wire laid on the ground, attached to the base of the fence, extending to a distance of about 12" from the fence. If they can't dig directly at the fence, they are less likely to try and get under it.
  7. How many hours a day do your dogs spend in the yard by themselves? Perhaps try taking them out for a long walk to tire them out, and supervising them during backyard play?. See if there is another safe place that your dogs can be kept when you are not able to supervise them, such as a room in the house. These might be some things to consider... Good luck!
  8. i have a JRTerrier mix who did the same thing......i tried putting 10 lb concrete blocks, end to end, tightly with no gaps, along the base of the fence and he moved the blocks !!...i switched to the bigger blocks that weigh 21 lbs each, and that did the trick !!.....i already had two landscape timbers against the fence secured with 2 or 3 rebars(iron bars) and he dug under the timbers & between the rebars and got out !!! only the 21 lb concrete bars did the job !!!...you can buy them at Lowe's or Home Depot....they are blocks of concrete that are like 18" long, 6-8 " wide, and 2-3"tall, they only cost like $1. 25 to $ 1.50 each, i believe...you lay them flat, end to end, 18" long laying flat with the 6-8" wide part, up against the fence, standing 2-3" above the ground....make sure there are no gaps, laying them end to end, 18"part, laid flat up, very tightly, end to end, so they cannot get a toehold & move them apart !!! this will solve your problem & keep your yard secure, from your dogs getiing out, and no other dogs, able to tunnel under & enter your yard !!! it is very affordable and easy to do, since you are placing them, above ground, up against the fence, with no digging or cementing involved !!!....any other questions about this, email me !!...good luck to you !! this will keep your dogs secure, and keep them from getting out & getting run over by cars !!!