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What is the best way to build a lawn business?

What is the best approach in starting a lawn business? I was thinking about passing out flyers and offering to cut yards starting at $25 when the competitor usually charges $35 or more. Should I offer the lower bid or do you think the demand is high enough that I can offer the same price as the competitor? Also, do flyers really work or would it be a waste of my time to pass them out? Is there any catch sales advice you can offer like the first cuts free with paid bush hedging?


  1. If you have your own tools and ute or trailer your best chance could be to start off by sub contracting. That way someone is finding the work for you and is just one less stress to start off with. Once you get a name for yourself and think you can have enough customers to support a living then go out on your own.
  2. Hi: I am a landscaper and designer. I have had my own off line landscape business. I started with just myself and after a year, was able to hire a crew. One of the most important things you can do is word of mouth. This is a powerful tool in any small business. Make business cards and pass them out to nurseries, garden centers and any other appropriate business or other non - profit organization. Sometimes it is a good idea to start out with a lower bid. This may get the ball rolling for the word of mouth theory. Don't sell yourself short. A portfolio is also a good idea. Go ahead and start taking pictures of what you can do with a lawn. People love to see visuals and this is a great way to show off your talents. It takes a lot of hard work, positive focus and self motivation to get your business up and running. If you love lawn care and enjoy helping others, the result will be clients sharing your name with others. Flyer's are one way to market. Test them out for a period of time and see what the results may be. Good luck to you and I hope you move forward into having a successful lawn care business. I will link you to the site map of my website. Browse through and see if you can find something that may be useful to you. Have a great day! Kimberly http://www.landscape-solutions-for-you.com/Site.html