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How can a teenager start a landscaping business?

My friend and I thought of an idea of making a landscaping business. I am 18 and he is 17 and we are in high school. We are both good at yard work and would really enjoy this. I was thinking about $25 per lawn. Will people trust and hire teenagers to do their lawns. I know we will do a good job, but they don't. Will they be willing to give us a shot? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! We have two push mowers.


  1. The price will have to depend on the size of the lawn. You will need lawnmowers, trimmers, hats, gloves, and most importantly, a courteous attitude. Good luck with your endeavor!
  2. i would start with some flyers and do some simple stuff, mowing, raking, weed pulling, bush trimming, try starting with neighbors, go door to door to the elderly around where you live that might not be able to keep up their lawns, and friends parents so you can have references, then save up for more involved equipment. Once you get a few regular clients the age thing shouldnt be a big deal.
  3. make sure to do a good job the going rate is 1.00 dollar per minute per mower offer pruning weeding an mulch then move up to planting my x wife had a landscapeing bus. an i a contractor a lady came up an wanted one bradford pear cost 45.00 dollars before she left i sold her 7,200.00 worth of shrubs an mulch xcellent bus. i sure do miss it
  4. People are willing to hire teenagers to do lawn work for them. Most people will only be thinking of having you mow their lawns. I'd talk with your family members, see who you can work for, and ask them for people who they know that might be interested in hiring you. You can also go door to door, but your best bet for finding clients, is word of mouth, meaning getting your clients to tell others that you do a good job. After you've proven yourself to a client, tell them your looking for more work, and ask if there is anyone they may suggest talking too. A local guy started out like you, he was mowing lawns for friends and family members when a client suggested him for the contract on mowing the city school district's. Today he has a whole crew working for him and they do much more than just mowing lawns. Also rethink your price. Think about how big a yard is first. Some are small,others are quiet large, don't have a set price per yard. Look it over, and have a basic idea that is flexible.