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What are some easy ways to do dry landscaping?

I have a small back yard/patio and right now it's overgrown with weeds. I'd like to tear is all out and have something that looks nice. Any ideas to dry landscape it since I'd rather not have grass (no sprinkler)


  1. You could use benderboard to partition off areas in various shapes, then fill each area in with different colored rocks. You could also put down flagstones with gravel in between. They make fake ones out of stamped concrete that look very real. In either case, you would just carve out about an inch of soil for the area to be decorated (getting rid of the extra soil might be difficult, unless you made small mounds to do a small xeriscape with cactus or something). You would then lay down thick plastic sheeting to preven weeds from forming, and finish off by filling in the area with the rocks and gravel.
  2. i think it is better if u put stone, but add some plantation so it will not be too dry, if u dont want to have grass, then, there are also some plant that does not need water, u can find it on internet by using indoor plant as the keyword, usually, indoor plan does not need much water. good luck with your dry landscape.