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Cheapest way to get rid of garden weeds?

I have an area in the middle of my drive way that is soil with small stones in. I constantly get weeds in here and no matter what commerical product I try they rapidly grow back. Does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of them in the longer term, cheaply? I cannot change the driveway as I am renting. I have tried boiling water and bleach. any other ideas please


  1. Pull them out yourself.
  2. There is an herbicide available called "Roundup" No weed appears to be resistant to it. Availabe at wal-mart, k-mart etc.
  3. I have the same problem. Lots of salt works, but not too environmentally friendly. Roundup works, but it is expensive and a chemical pesticide, and they just grow back. Elbow grease works, and less grow back if you remove the roots. What you really need is a thicker layer of gravel. Or, you could rake out the gravel, put down landscape/weed cloth (which is cheap), and put the gravel back. Stake it around the edges first so it doesn't come up when you drive over it.
  4. Find a local feed store that has hyvar it is a soil sterilizer, but be careful nothing will grow in the area for 2-3 years.
  5. Okay, here you go. If "cheap" has to be legal, then buy some roundup. I would not recommend it, but diesel fuel will permanently do the job. It isn't legal, but spraying it with a bug sprayer will certainly work well.
  6. Stop the home remedies. Buy a weed killer like RoundUp.