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What are websites with DIY crafts/decorating ideas?

I'm looking for good ideas for Christmas crafts, but also for year-round decorations that I can make myself. :) Do you know of any websites where I can find ideas?


  1. marthastewart.com.............my fav!
  2. Lowes.com, doityourself.com Are two I use regularly.
  3. The three websites already mentioned will give you many good craft/decorating ideas. Also, the Better Homes & Garden site has many, in many different categories. Try a couple of Google searches with different phrases like, " 'crafts plans', free ", " 'do it yourself ', crafts", "craft ideas", etc. [Remember that how you use the quote marks, makes a big difference in what the search return will be.]
  4. I don't know a website with DIY crafts/decorating ideas but I know a newspaper having some wonderful ideas.ie.HT Next