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Summer Party Ideas!?

I'm having a summer party at the end of july. Its an outdoor party. Sprinklers, snacks, and scavengers hunts! But..what else???


  1. six flags
  2. 1. Predict the Unpredictable Nothing ruins a party faster than unexpected weather. In case of a sudden downpour, keep an easy-to-erect canopy waiting in the wings. And if it’s sweltering outside, use adjustable umbrellas to beat the heat. Scatter around innovative props, like floppy hats and pretty fans, pails of sunscreen and sunglasses – guests can reach for them as the temperature rises. And for the evening, stuff baskets with cuddly throws, and prepare to offer warm drinks after dinner when the sun goes down. 2. Plan a Seat for Every Guest If you run out of patio chairs, use your picnic table. Or, for an eclectic mix-and-match look, carry your kitchen chairs outside and intersperse them with stackable plastic ones dressed with comfy cushions. If you’re still short, at only about $1 per folding chair, renting is a sensible solution. 3. Pick a Theme Select a theme to inspire your invitations, décor and take-home gifts. For a beach bash, deliver invitations in the form of sun visors with details printed across the brims. If you’re going with a western theme, buy gift bottles of your favourite hot sauce. To add flair to your garden party, personalize small flowerpots with a ribbon tie on a note with your guests' names and the seedling contents. 4. Firing Up the Grill Because barbequing requires constant attention, designate a pal or two who are willing to take charge. Otherwise you’ll end up sweating through your party and ignoring your guests. To simplify his (or her!) job, load up on fuel (count on extra if it’s chilly) in advance. Before the party, brush the cold grates with vegetable oil to prevent food from sticking and soak wood skewers in water so they won’t catch fire. 5. Set the Scene Forget fly-away paper plates. Make your picnic table elegant with cloth napkins and whimsical china – pick up a cool, inexpensive set, so you won’t care if someone chips a plate. You can choose a pretty tablecloth to dress your table or use a crisp white sheet paired with bamboo mats and rustic terracotta plates. To keep your tablecloth secure, remove a few stitches from the hem corners and sew in four metal washers. Or make these beautiful DIY tableweights. 6. Encourage Mingling The best thing about any party is its guests. So use name cards by place settings to make sure your guests get to know each other. You can also help them branch out by creating cozy gathering areas. Just drop sisal rugs beneath shady trees, then top them with beach chairs and weather-proof lounging pillows. 7. Keep Pests Away Spray insecticide at least three hours in advance so the odour dissipates in time for the arrival of your guests. While mosquito-repelling candles come in a multitude of smart designs, they still smell, so strategically position them away from the food. Or simply adorn tables with potted citronella geraniums, which are both practical and fragrant. Keep non-scented bottles of repellent in nearby buckets, just in case. 8. Party Under the Stars Disconnect your motion sensor lights and erect tiki torches near gathering areas. For a festive feel, string twinkling lights through bushes, and suspend lanterns from the porch eaves. To illuminate pathways, bury small electric lights in paper bags weighted with sand. 9. Make Clean-Up a Snap Position garbage and recycling bins around the yard, so guests can easily toss empty soda cans, paper napkins and plastic cups in. If your menu includes finger foods, small water bowls with a dainty floating flower will come in handy for your guests to clean their hands. 10. Let the Party Go On and On To prevent a mad exodus, keep mellow tunes wafting through the yard. Get ready to mix warm, relaxing drinks in case the night turns cool. Don't let the party vibe end until your very last friend waves goodnight. Backyard Beach Party Fill a sand box, make sand castles, run a crabwalk relay race provide plenty of beach balls to toss! Flip-Flop Madness Search for matching flip-flops. Then provide the kids with the tools they need to decorate the pair to take home. Pirate Party Ahoy Mateys! This party if a fun outdoor theme with games and loot to take home!
  4. Relay races, potato sack races, three legged races, wheelbarrel races, etc. Set up a volleyball net and play volleyball and badmitten. Get an inflatable kiddie pool, fill it with water, break into 2 teams, have a tug of war, whoever loses ends up in the pool! Waterballoon fights! Have a pie eating contest, BUT instead of pie, fill the tins with whipped cream and whoever finishes first, wins! Set up an ice cream bar. Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and marachino cherries. Have everyone make their own sundaes. You can get the waffle cone bowls at the grocery store or the plastic sundae glasses at the dollar store. You can get a pinata, everyone likes candy, and in the same aisle as the pinata there's usually what's called pinata fillers, they're big bags of candy to put in the pinata. For snacks and food, it's your party and it's time to have the foods that YOU like! If that's tacos, do a taco bar, if it's bbq, do burgers and hot dogs, if it's pizza send out for pizzas. Same with snacks and chips, whatever your favorites are, that's what you should have. It's your party and time for you to have fun and have your favorite foods! I hope some of these ideas help and that you have a great summer party!!