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How to create a good ambiance in a room.?

A room with a personality and cheers you up


  1. Well. You can't go wrong with candles in the evening....They are soothing, and you can get some that float in water, that is a pretty display.... Giving a room a different coat of paint can make a world of difference! Stark white walls are not cheery, they are sterile looking.... Really, what is it that YOU like....Country, Modern, do you like bright colors or Earth tones.. You can look in magazines to get ideas...Or the internet is FULL of ideas.... DIY.com Martha Stewart Home and garden network the list on the internet is endless....... What you are trying to achieve, ambiance, depends on what makes you feel happy....fresh flowers, a fish tank......... Do you want a room that people can actually sit in, not just to look at.... What are your favorite things....You can make a list of colors you like, things you like, and then start with paint..... You would be amazed what a coat of paint can do to spark the imagination.... Lowe's, Home Depot, they both have web sites with ideas..... Type in your search bar, decorating ideas, you'll get thousands of sites....... But it all starts with what makes you happy, I think, and then go from there........... Fun to do for sure!!!!!!!!
  2. Make it warm and inviting, somewhere anyone would feel comfortable. Include plants and candles and small touches that show your personality without making it too cluttered. Good lighting also sets the mood. You need table lamps or floor lamps to create pools of light and dimmers for any overhead lighting.