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Any ideas I can redo my kitchen for cheap?

I'm very hands-on and crafty. I want to paint my kitchen, do something with my floors, my counters, my cabinets, EVERYTHING!! I hate the way it is now!! But I only have a few hundred to work with. Plz help!


  1. Megan, You can paint anything if it will stay still long enough and you prime it well. Buy a gallon of oil primer from Walmart ($10)and prime everything. Then start painting....check the "oops" paints ($5-15) at Home Depot or Lowe's for good colors at discount prices. The cabinets I would stick with white or offwhite. Counters are easy to make look like granite because you can use several quarts of paints ($5-10) in granite colors like gray, black, brown, with few specks of green. Buy a sea sponge from Walmart ($7) and lightly apply each of your choosen colors in layers. The more layers of paint, the more it looks like granite. Then seal with couple of coats of clear polyurethane for durability. Just be careful not to cut on it and it will last several years. Walmart is also good place to buy cheap but nice curtains.
  2. kitchens are always expensive. but paint your cupboards white and put new shiny nobs on and it will look sharp. countertops may have to be replaced. painting an sealing them may work but i would try it because your counters receive lots of wear and tear. order them in from ikea or home depot install them yourself. as for your floor laminate works very well and easy to install. try to steer away from home depot for that though. see if you can get some end of stock stuff or a deal from and actual flooring company. much cheaper prices i paid 1.50$ a square foot. find your deal too. hope this helps
  3. Wash with a grease remover and presand any surface you plan to paint. The easiest way to redo a kitchen is paint the walls a vivid color, maybe sponge on a texture. Paint the cabinets, but use a primer before painting to cover any previous finish that may bleed through. Sand the surface before the primer getting finer paper grit with each new sanding. Spark up the walls with new framed graphics, paintings or objects. Maybe add a word or two to the wall as a main focal point. If you have little money, invest in a few throw rugs with some of those designs that will go with your wall hangings. New towels aprons and potholders, a few big hooks to hang them on, become focal points!
  4. Paint. I just redecorated my kitchen and paint was the key. My cabinets were that old dingy country white. I painted the doors a high gloss black and the shelving and trim with a color call orchid ash (Valspar). The walls are anthem white (Valspar also) and I have high gloss black accents, table and chairs. Then I bought some nice wall accessories at discount places like Big Lots and I only spent about $250, not counting that I bought a new table and chairs from a going-out-of-business sale. I also replace the cabinet hardware with stainless steel handles. I used the old hinges and painted them with the high gloss black. It doesn't sound pretty, but it's actually very modern and classy looking. Watch HGTV or go to the Home and Garden TV website for more ideas. The best show is Decorating Cents for some really economical ideas.
  5. Well, you can't do much with a few hundred...but here's some ideas: 1. Paint the walls a vibrant color. 2. Paint the cabinets (you can't afford new ones on that budget). Just make sure you use a good primer. If you go to Home Depot or some other store they'll help you. Personally, I like the look of white or just off white semi-gloss. 3. As for the floors....you can look into laminate flooring (like Pergo brand), but it may be too expensive still. They sell linolium in sheets and also in tiles. They're easy since you just peel and stick, but they aren't the best quality and they look kind of cheap too. I don't know what you can do with the counters. They are very expensive to replace. I would suggest doing all of the work yourself because a few hundred dollars won't even cover the labor if you hire someone to do it. Invite some friends over and have a renovation party if you want some free labor. Buy them some pizza and beer and they'll be happy!
  6. -prime walls&cupboards, and paint. as far as the floors go, u can usually get ceramic tiles on sale for 1$ or so per SF. install em urself. cabinets should be painted white, add new knobs and drawer pulls. as far as the counters, u can go to the hardware store and theyll have effects kits u can buy and use. just ask the person working for help. :) for paint, paint stores often have miss-tints sales (the paint that reg costs 40 a gallon, guess wut?? its now 10$ cuz the pigments are slightly off) just ask when theyre next miss-tints sale is :) if you can, a new faucet will go along way. and replave and caulking around sinks and stuff, it tends to get dingy after a while. get some small white tiles to make a backsplash. if u want you can also get some small tiles in the same color as the walls and add a few of those randomly to the white:) GOOD LUCK!
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  8. Megan you can do a lot. do you have a furdown.. that is the space above the cabinets. If you do you can tear this out . and It will leave the top of the cabinets open.. my sis put small lights up there to backlight her favorite pieces of pottery. she painted the paneling . Also painted the cabinets white. and the whole kitchen looked great. I added a window seat at the window in my kitchen. And covered it with Burgundy vinyl Then started adding red pot holders and red or burgandy kitchen cloths. You can build the box for the seat yourself out of 2x4's and even use storage in side the seat. It's not hard.