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What would be a good job for a 14 year old girl?

Her interests include photography, fashion, design, babysitting, art, track and cross country. Besides babysitting, what would be a job that would earn her some money?


  1. Well, sounds to me like she has lots of options. For... TRACK: Cross country and track. Sounds like she's athletic. She could mow the lawn, garden, rake, pretty much do any yardwork. PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION, DESIGN: Sounds like shes also creative. So I think a really good idea is to offer things like... decorating shoes or bags (my friend charges people for her to decorate their cloth shoes and bags with sharpie. she just does designs) binder covers (she could sell them) cards like birthday cards holiday card etc. (again sell them) she could take pictures and make them big and sell them as well they're all just kid business things that i have seen work for a lot of people its really fun to do too