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Must sell our house - need ideas to make more attractive? PHOTOS?

http://www.househop.co.uk/property-info.asp?c=sxp6znhrfu Can you please look at the rooms and advise how we could improve it? We have reduced the price twice, it is in a good location but a lot of people don't know to look as it is a very secure gated area. We are going to have an open house weekend, so I want the house to look at its best. Any ideas for what I could do in the bedrooms/living room to stage better ? Am obs going to get flowers, fresh coffee, cookies etc.


  1. I really don't see any room for improvement. It's a great home. Sorry
  2. Play soft music. People buy more when listening to music in dept. stores...it could work for homes too. Possibly add some splashes of color with pillows, throws, etc
  3. I think your house looks great. The only thing I would change is to reverse the way the living room is set up. From the photo standpoint, the sofa/.chaise lounge looks as it it blocks a clear and open path to the outdoors. By switching the room around, I think the room may appear larger and more inviting. Your kitchen is great, but seems to need a splash of color. That is simple to do with kitchen linens or perhaps a bowl of fruit or vegetables. On your stove top, have some orange slices and cinnamon simmering in water. That smell is irresistible to the senses. Your laundry area is a wonderful bonus. I would stage that area with a lovely short stack of neatly folded towels or perhaps a rug runner to add color. If you have not done so already, clean out any clutter in your cabinets or closets. Cluttered areas give the prospective buyers the impression there is no storage space. A neatly organized cabinet or closet shows there is room for their belongings. I would move the outdoor patio set into the middle of the patio area and perhaps set the table for a welcoming effect. Pot some colorful plants or like you said, add flowers to the table out there. Also, set your dining table inside as well. Open a fresh bar of soap in your bathroom and add colorful towels. You want to appeal to the senses of sight, smell and sound. So play up those things. Having soft music playing is also something that is appealing. Over all, I think you have a lovely home.
  4. The house looks great. Just a thought for the description. You keep using the word close to. How far is close? 3 miles by car is close, 3 miles walking is not. Use "within walking distance" if appropriate. Are there good schools? a 4 bed suggests a family home. Not everyone will know the area.
  5. Ok you have a Lovely house, and being in a secure gated, area can only enhance it, One of your bedrooms is lacking a proper bed, its always a good idea to have one, then it shows it as a bedroom, and when people come to view, make sure you have all your lights on, especially in the kitchen,, and bathroom. and keep clutter to a minimum. If you have any pets, leave these at a friends house for the day, otherwise you have done all that you can do good luck
  6. Hi, I would suggest you to take the help of home staging and dress to sell property services. They will surely suggest something really good!!
  7. Front of house / Front door, I would cut back the spiral plant going up the wall,nobody likes creepy crawlies near a window, then cut back the bush on the opposite side to a normal level so you can actually see the wall behind it,remove the plant from the garage door and perhaps a small mini plastic fence around the edge of the stones where it curves in put a few small colourful plants in pots and lay them around the curved fence, and put a welcome mat outside the front door.or you can paint your door a warm colour like cream or a warm soft yellow to make it stand out from the other homes. In the back garden add stepping stones towards the greenhouse and paint it a warm colour add hanging baskets put the slide and toys away only when buyers call around to view the house add some colour to the garden.remove the plant from the hallway remove 2 pictures and clutter,replace with a long square mirror i you have a radiator cover up with a cover and put a small plant on or 2. put a gold colour runner mat on the floor to give some warmth to the hall and add draught excluder to the bottom of the door no buyer likes to feel a draught on their feet. Replace the curtains in bedrooms with white or cream slated blinds for a fresh look. blind halfway up in the kitchen and put some herb plants in pots on the windowsill.remove clutter from shelf in kitchen and add some funky items in vivid colours instead a fruit bowl and flowers on the work tops Display pretty bubble bath bottles and towels around the bathroom to give some colour and a beach canvas on the wall above the toilet instead of shelves which you can place somewhere else. change the pink bedroom wallpaper to a gold paper instead, hang a pretty mirror above the chest of drawers with pretty items displayed on the unit remove the nets add slated blinds for depth and warmth add flowers.invest in a base for the mattress on the floor,pick a colour from the bedspread and paint 2 walls opposite each other for warmth move the bookcase on opposite wall fit a blind. in the utility room paint one wall a warm colour add a canvas and perhaps a few plants to add interest if you can try and cover up the boiler which is an eyesore to some buyers.and the rest of the design will follow hope all this helps you.