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What is a good way to keep busy?

I need a good way to keep an 11 year old girl busy. But it cant be expensive. Maybe some kind of game like eye spy... But of course not eye spy. Or like a paper game or something I just need a good way to keep her busy. Please help!!!


  1. video or computer games for her age ... there r many n free.
  2. Baking something "fiddly," (something that takes plenty of hands-on time but not a lot of advanced skill) like shaped cookies, often works. Speaking of fiddly work, string popped popcorn on thread (use a needle) and make several pieces about 24" long. Hang them in a tree outside to feed the birds. Get some nice beads and some stretchy cord and let her design and make bracelets and necklaces. Even nice beads aren't that expensive. She could make some lovely gifts for Christmas. Plant an indoor garden, especially of cooking herbs. Plant these in little terracotta pots, put several pots on a tray (let her decorate the trays) and you have another great Christmas gift idea., Get her a book and supplies for learning to knit or crochet.
  3. books