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how can i get rid of my neighbors cats without hurting the cats?

they poop and pee all over my backyard and garden. it stinks and i dont know what to do....... any tips on how any cat repellants might work,,, pls help.....


  1. buy a cheap carrier, when the neighbors are at work, lure them in and take them to a shelter that doesn't euthanize
  2. My answer, WORM HOLES. send them to a different universe.
  3. just take them somewhere really really far! (: youll neightbors will never know
  4. well obvious taking the cats somewhere is a bad idea since your neighbors would be extremely angry. i would say when ever the cats are coming grab the hose!
  5. you can either talk to your neighbors and have them keep their kitties inside, or you can call animal control who will come and get the cats and take care of them and possibly adopt them somewhere else. if they are not socialized then you should definitly call animal control because noone wants mean cats around their family.
  6. The only problem with "hijacking" the cats, is that the neighbors will just go out and adopt more cats. Try this, it really works. http://landscaping.about.com/od/pestcontrol/a/cat_repellents.htm
  7. citrus. Cats do not like citrus. Many people I have advised used orange peels around their yard or garden and the cats stay away. I use it to train my cats to stay off things I don't want them on.
  8. Carlos, in most communities there are no leash laws for cats, but there are nuisance laws. If you can't approach your neighbor on this, call Animal Control and tell then what's going on so they can go talk to your neighbors and tell them there are complaints in the hope they can be more cognizant of keeping their cats home. I imagine these cats are not spayed/neutered, because if they were you would not have so much stinkiness. The idea that you can just round up the cats and dump them somewhere to become someone else's problem is ludicrous and illegal. Pets are considered personal property so it is considered theft and if you're found out you can be in trouble. Additionally, it cruel to the cats - it's not their fault that they're just acting like cats. The owners are the culprits here. There are products you can put on your grass that are supposed to repel cats and other animals. You will find it in the garden section at stores like Home Depot and can apply it to the edge of your property so the cats will not want to come onto it. The cats are attracted to your garden because soft dirt is the best place to do their business, so you could try putting the repellant around there to see if it helps. Some people have had success with moth balls and orange peels. Believe it or not, and this is a cool one, there are cat sprinklers that are equipped with a motion detector. When the offenders come into your yard the sprinklers will come on which startles the cats and scare them off. This method obviously just uses water, so it's not toxic or dangerous to the cats.
  9. There are cat repellents around but I've found that sprinkling cayenne pepper in my garden works quite well!
  10. my neighboor did the same thing to me he got a cage trapped my cats and took them somewhere(jerk).first off you need to talk to your neighboor and let them now whats happening be friendly and let them no your problem,come to a agreement,if they do not wish to help then tell them if they go onto your property your gonna trap them an take them to the shelter and that its in your right to do so.(its in the law).Anyways talk to them,dont be mean and take the family pet away.
  11. get some rat traps and chesse haha an then put it on youtube i wants to see
  12. You can purchase a machine that has a motion sensor in it that will make a noise any time a cat walks by. Over time, the noise will be played and the cats will be spooked enough to never set foot on your property again.
  13. Get one of those water "guns" that shoots REALLY FAR. Fill it with a mixture of water and lemon juice (only a small amount, however), and when you see them, start squirting them with the water!!! Sooner or later, they will get the idea that your yard is "off limits." Me... kittyslave23... I know my place.