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Plant seems over watered and underwatered at the same time?

The leaves look dry and brown at the edges but some of the roots have root rot. These are my work plants and I'm starting to get blamed for killing them. I have no idea what I am doing and half of them are sitting in a pot that has a ton of small rocks sitting on top so it's hard to feel the soil. I only water them once a week and they still seem to be wet. What the heck is going on and what do I do? Thanks in advance!


  1. You can get an inexpensive water meter on Amazon to check. Or you can just lift the pots, they should feel light and kind of empty before you water again. You can't just water, you have to use some means to be sure they are dry. Lift the pots up and check under them. It should be dry. If it's wet, they are sitting in water and rotting.
  2. Howdy ShawnaMa, Seems like you have poor drainage and this is causing a humongous fungus..among us. To heal your plants start by taking a screwdriver and clearing the roots that have most likely clogged the drain holes. If you have the time you can take them home, take them out of the pots (roots and all), and put small rocks on the bottom 1/2 inch of the container to keep this from happening again. You need to let the plants dry out a bit more. Last but not least, trimming off all the dead branches and leaves will allow the plant to use it's energy to heal itself. Happy Gardening, Coach Dave community.homedepot