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When will the Sims 2 website be back up?

This site has been down for a very long time, and it's getting pretty frustrating. Every day I check back to see it it's there, but obviously, it's not. Does anyone have any ideas when it will be back up? I really wanted to download some stuff, as I haven't used my Sims 2 game in forever.. I'm not interested in knowing about Sims 3, because I am not planning on purchasing it.


  1. Never,because we have sims 3 now.
  2. Sorry but its gone. EA is concentrating on Sims 3 and Sims Social now. They also are releasing (or have depending which country you are in) an expasnion for Sims Medieval called Pirates and Nobles. Try other sites for CC, there is much nicer stuff out there :) Here are a few to get you started but there are hundreds! Simply Styling Rock Chick Sims Fresh Prince Creations Juniper Sun Parsiminous Around The Sims 2 All About Style Liana Sims Garden Of Shadows - no joining needed to download Insimenator - no joining needed to download Garden Breeze Mod The Sims - must join to download XM Sims 4 Ever Simfantasy Black Pearl Sims - no joining needed to download Cherry Blossom Sims - must join to access Club Crimsyn - follow the link for the storage of Sims 2 stuff Anna Maria Sims Holy Simoly Retail Sims (also incorporates Religiosims) 37 Sims Pimp My Sims Reflex Sims Well Dressed Sim Vita Sims Fairywitch's Sims 2 Exotic Elements Amaelamin Valinor also check out Sims 2 Graveyard for closed sites stuff there are alot of Sims 2 yahoo groups (although most are sims 1) try searching for sims 2 in yahoo groups join Sims Cave for hard to find exclusives and closed sites stuff and of course the infamous "booty" PMBD for the pay stuff for free