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Is it possible to spend about $60 a month on Groceries?

Hello, I've been spending way too much on fast food and start eating at home. I want to spend no more than $60 a month and I want it to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please any ideas,menus,recipes,sites, etc will be much appreciated.


  1. Rice and beans... and you dont have to be MEXICAN to eat rice and beans every night.. but it helps as you might have grown up on them when times were tough.. like me! Oh and dont forget the eggs..
  2. Yes. But it would be a lot of PB & J and ramen. But yeah it's possible to do.
  3. You are not being practical. Do you really think you can survive on $2.00 a day? I don't think you can. I eat all my meals out at restaurants, and I average approximately $25 to $30 a day. Yes, I could cut out the "eating out" thing, and prepare all my own meals, but not at the level you indicate you feel you have to limit yourself to. I'll be frank, I'm a great cook, but I enjoy the social impact of meeting my friends for a bite to eat at some cool place. I do not consider myself a snob, but I prefer eating at an establishment that I can sit down at a table, enjoy a meal, and feel that I'm not having to gulp down my food just so someone else can get a chance to gulp down their food. I believe at the minimum, of only spending $5 a day, you'll have a monthly food bill, of at least $150 or more.
  4. Unfortunately, it can be done but not with the healthy foods that your body needs. The cheapest foods are foods that are chocked right full of preservatives, like ramen soup and hot dogs, bologna, etc.. You can buy oatmeal and flavor it with brown sugar and cinnamon, raisins, syrup, etc.. for your breakfast. Lunch can be ramen soups which you can get creative with, make it as a soup or drain it and season with soy sauce and sliced green onions, add a handful of frozen veggies to the water with the noodles for more nutrition. For dinners you can get different types of pasta, canned tomatoes, larger packages of hamburger or chicken and package it in smaller quantities and toss in the freezer to make in many different ways. I would suggest frozen vegetables so that you can just take out 1/2 cup at a time with no waste. With imagination it can be done.
  5. First before you say that, fill up your pantry. I live alone, what I do is stock up my pantry. Spices Flour corn meal veg oil anything you think you would need.I only have to re stock=k my pantry as things get low or disappear. Then I buy my perishables. I can't say if you'll stay under $60.00. But not much more than 80.00 if you chose wisely. Sample Menus B" oatmeal bagel and coffe L" sandwich yoga rt and apple D"Beef Pattie steamed broccoli and rice snack jello or peanut butter and crackers Also depends on what you like to eat whether you are a man or woman?
  6. You have come out with a very good thought....Nothing like your own food....whatsoever you may manage...Good Luck
  7. please i spend over 100$ at the store
  8. Buy pantry items bulk. Especially rice, rice in bulk is incredibly inexpensive. Keep tabs on ALL the flyers! Stock up on things when they're on sale (like meat) and then freeze them in individual portions for later. Like I work at a grocery store and we've got three pork chops going out the door for just over a dollar. Veggies and fruit (in season) is mucho cheap. Visit farmer's markets in your area for even cheaper veggies. If you buy a lot of veggies on sale that you can make soup out of, do it and then freeze individual portions. Don't do all your shopping in one day for the month. Processed foods cost more. Period. Buy bread at bakeries, it you like oatmeal, buy oats and cook it yourself instead of instant oatmeal. Meat costs less if it's not as "processed" if you don't mind doing your own skinning, and cutting, you can buy skin-on chicken for less and pork loins that you can cut at home for less. When in a big grocery store, avoid the middle aisles. Focus on the fruits and veggies, bakery, the meat department and the dairy department. Shop with a list and stick to it.
  9. Yes, but you have to break free of a lot of bad habits. Ending the fast-food thing is common sense, but it goes further. I know a lot of people who "save money" by eating at home, yet everything they eat is prefabricated. That costs dough. You've got to start cooking things from scratch. Want marinara? Chop up a bunch of tomatoes and cook them down over low heat. Once in a while, take a whole chicken and cut it down to breasts, thighs, drumsticks, etc. Simmer the remaining bones & scraps with veges to make your own chicken stock. Learn what a roux is and how to use it. Don't be afraid ... this is the best way to save money. Food that comes out of a box, bottle, or can is expensive and loaded with garbage. Don't forget that you are what you eat. Having a garden doesn't hurt. Every time you cut up a vege, save the seeds and drop them in the dirt. You'll be suprised at how easy it all is. Wan't to get creative? Here's a cool trick ... Place a plexi-glass lid over a fish tank. Cut holes into plexi-glass just big enough for a plastic flower pot to fit. Drill holes in the pots, as well. Fill the pots with rocks. Use them to grow herbs for your kitchen. (They help oxydize the water, while the fish provide them with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.). Most of all, care about what you eat. The sooner you learn how to cook, the more that you'll eat like a king. Recipes to look up: Steak au Poivre, Mango Shrimp Salsa, Chicken alla Marsala, Coconut Shrimp (baked is better than fried), Bechamel (it's a mother sauce, important to know), Creme Brulee (you girlfriend will appreciate it), Pesto (from scratch), and at some point in your life learn how to bake bread. Cheers
  10. You can shop at Aldi's...their prices are reasonable and the products are good, too. They have frozen chicken breasts for 6 dollars and they are great...you get a big bag of them. they have self rising Pizza's for 3.99 Veggies at Aldis are very cheap... a can of veggies is usually around 50 cents. They have cereals, pancake mixes, syrups, cold cuts, bread...eggs are pretty cheap there too. I just bought a whole list of things for 65. dollars and that was for my boyfriend and I... if its just for you..the food should last a while longer!
  11. First of all what if I told you tht you can do this on less? I shop at a store called Aldi's, which is a no frills store that carries a variety of stuff for less. I leave with 4-5 bags of groceries, and still have money left for gas. You don't need to shop at the expensive places to get good food. Buy in bulk and you may end up throwing out more than you use. I have a grocery list, shop at the aldi store, and still get produce, milk, meat, veggies, quality items.If you buy things you can make casseroles with, grill chicken breasts, salads, fruit, you can go a full month and still have food left. You might need to buy milk, but that's about it. Try a store like that and see for yourself.
  12. Breakfast: Buy cereal in bulk. Oatmeal will be the cheapest. Consider using powdered milk on your cereal. One piece of fruit and coffee or tea will complete this breakfast. Sugar and cinamon can also be purchased in bulk. Should cost less than a buck for one breakfast. Lunch: PBJ's, Bean and Rice Burritos, soup from a can. Include carrot sticks, celery sticks and Kool-aid. Again, this should easily be under $1. Dinner: Top Ramen, rice and beans, baked potato, pasta with canned tomato sauce. Less than a buck. Here are some other ideas to save money on food. Do you qualify for food stamps? Also, most cities offer food banks where you can pick up a box of food once a week. Buy powdered mashed potatoes. You can thicken and add bulk to canned soups with the instant mashed potatoes. Buy rice and dried beans in bulk. Brown rice is a lot more healthy than white rice. Instead of buying indivdual packs of Ramen Noodles, buy a case at a time. Tortillas and potatoes are cheap. Check out stores that sell food to restaurants. Sometimes you can get stuff there a lot cheaper. Just look up "Wholesale Grocery" in your local yellow pages. These stores are open to the general public and you do not have to be a member to shop there. Purchase a crock pot and a rice cooker if you don't have them already. Large, cheap pieces of meat are great to cook in your crock pot and can be frozen after cooked. Rice cookers are great because cooking and clean up are easy. Everybody else had great ideas, too.