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Does anyone have any unique ideas for landscape edging or borders?

We are in the process of renovating our flower beds and looking for something that isn't typically thought of as a landscape edge. We want something that is inexpensive and readily available. Does anyone have an unusual or unique idea?


  1. For my side of the house flower garden..I went down to the river and collected same size and color rocks . They were about 8 to ten inches long. I put them down side by side then added a second layer just like you would in making a brick wall. best part is...they were free and only took my time to make it look pretty.
  2. For a small, pretty flower garden: You could use a succession of teacups and saucers. Plant herbs in the teacups. Set the saucers between the cups You can buy old mismatched but very lovely teacups and saucers for $1 each at thrift stores. You might even find a whole set for about $25. For a bigger look, try old teapots or a combination of teapots, cups and saucers. You could attach them to a wooden board for more stability. For a tropical garden: buy a few 4 inch wide bamboo poles and cut them with your power saw at varying lengths. Then use them to border your palm tree oasis.
  3. I dug a trench and lined up antique glass bottles, bottom side up.
  4. How about using small clay pots turned upside down around the bed. They are inexpensive, and if one gets broken it's easy to replace. Whatever you decided to use, I bet it looks great.