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How do I start a garden?

I'm going to start a garden soon.. what are tips to having a successful one?


  1. don't over/underwater them start seeds indoors a certain time before planting season. keep area free of weeds don't let people pick them be responsible
  2. If you are a newbie gardener, I would suggest raised beds. Also do a search on square foot gardening, which gives techniques for raising crops in a much smaller area. Both of these techniques save a lot of labor. I never use a lot of chemicals - we have an old fashioned hardware store and I used "good" bugs like praying mantises or ladybugs for pest control. If you use raised beds, put landscape cloth under the bed, and mulch on top so that you have less weeding. Think about the things you like to eat and plant those. The Old Farmer's Almanac is still a good source of info on when to plant different things. I use prestarted plants for most vine crops, as a couple of tomatoes, squash, pepper and cucumber plants produce a LOT of food. For things like green beans, peas (green, snow, crowder, blackeyed), corn, lettuce, onions, various greens such as collards, kohlrabi, turnips, radishes, I use seeds. If you are gardening with kids, one of the things they LOVE to do is plant seeds in the shape of their name or the first letter or a design - turnips, carrots, radishes are good for these. Think about the height of what you are planting, and the amount of support and try to plan your garden to make the best use of shade. Finally, plant some varieties just for fun or pretties, or include flowers.
  3. Plant seeds at the right time of the moon. Be sure and space as directed. When we plant, it's easy to think it looks so far spaced and then as the plants grow they are too close together. Depending on your soil and weather conditions, you may have to water and fertilize. Keep the weeds down. Get some straw and put around plants. It will shorten your weeding time and hold the moisture. Good luck and have fun! I think it's great mental therapy.
  4. Your soil has to be rich in nutrients and tillable. Buy good ,fresh seed. Use fertilizer as directed. Keep your soil moist but don't overwater or don't underwater. Make sure you buy seed or plants that are marked for shade or full sun or part sun and follow the rules. Keep varmits away. Pick weeds out because they steal moisture. Have fun! Is this a flower or vegetable garden? Don't use pesticides if all possible. There are other ways to keep bugs away that are safer.
  5. Make your life easier. What do you see growing successfully in your neighborhood? How much continuing time and trouble and expense do you want to put into your garden after it's planted? Do you have varmints in your neighborhood, consider that in your planning. For instance, stray cats, dogs, gophers, snails. If so, you might want to plan to grow something that they can't destroy. Also consider the ecosystem: We have one part of our yard that is too windy for many things to grow well. Another part of the yard is too shady and we don't get an awful lot of sun. A coworker of mine grew beautiful roses in his San Francisco yard for many years. But in order to get his results, he had to use chemical sprays on his bushes and this eventually made him sick -- he can't tolerate the sprays anymore. (In the central valley where my mother had a big rose garden, she didn't have to do anything but water and prune once in awhile and always got lots of big beautiful roses. My next door neighbor said she regrets not putting-down some wire screen to keep the gophers away before she added gardening soil to her large front planted area.
  6. I agree with Magdarra, this is how I'm gardening. I've got perhaps 4' deep by 15' long. I'm now trying to find unobtrusive barrels for rainwater, they all seem to be really lurid colors here! And I put a fence around mine, we have the cats, dogs, squirrels and raccoons, of course I know it'll only slow the last 2 down.
  7. You have the check out this ladies garden. She has one amazing idea. There are several videos and she explains allot . I am amazed! check out the link
  8. You are right to collect infomation and decide what you want first. There is still a few weeks before planting.