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how much it costs to landscape a small garden?

i have a small garden and i want to get it landscaped by a designer or contracter which ever is cheaper. and i want my garden to be low maintainence type.


  1. depends how small and what you want doing. cheaper if you can do the work yourself
  2. It depends..from £200 ...to £X000. Do it yourself is cheaper!
  3. it can range from £5 (i.e. you and the spade) to £5000 (i.e. a landscape designer and contractors) where in the UK do you live ..
  4. It depends on what landscaping you want. Please give more details.
  5. go to www.bhg.com into their gardening section. they have designs with plant lists already made out for you. if you don't have exactly what they require for space then use it as a reference. save money and do it yourself. save up your newspapers and use them as weed control. go to your local nursery and buy quality plants that are perennials and stick them in your new garden add mulch over the top and call it macaroni! save the money and invest in the plants by doing it yourself!
  6. You must have some ideas of your own, start small and get cuttings from friends and neighbors. Go to the library and check out their books on small gardens You will get more satisfaction doing it yourself.
  7. A designer would charge you £250-£300 for a plan, which you can then show to landscapers to get quotes. remember, the cheapest quote isnt always the best. get some examples of preivous work, by the designer as well. A good design is well worth paying for, make sure they understand what your looking for, and they will develop any idea you have. See the society of garden designers for more info. They have info on pricing.
  8. depends what you what,and how much you want to spend.