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What's the cheapest way to lay a small patio and how do you do it?

We live in Florida where our yard is full of dark sand. How would I be able to lay a patio on this?


  1. Buy him some Boones Farm. ;-)
  2. Sand is an ideal base for paving brick patios. This is what I recommend you do. You can do the work yourself and make it look great at a modest price.
  3. Try bricks. Look on DIY website or Lowe's site. Good luck!!!
  4. Because you're in a frost-free zone, you don't have to worry about excavating, laying a base, etc. That will save you a bundle right there! Loose pebbles are probably the cheapest way to go. Lay down some landscape fabric and then pour on the rocks. However, it's not the greatest base for furniture, etc. You'll probably want to upgrade to some type of paver. It's easier to install than natural stone because they are uniform in shape--there's little to no waste, as there can be with natural materials. Mark the area you want the patio to cover with stakes and string. Then use a board on each side and another board in between to level the sand base. This is kind of hard to explain, but any book on patio construction in the library will have pictures. As long as the sand base is level, you should have no problem laying the pavers. If your patio is what I'll call "freestanding" (meaning it's not bordered by your house, driveway, or any other structure), just start in the middle and lay the pavers out in a concentric fashion. If your house or something borders one edge, you'll want to start there to ensure that you don't have to cut any of the pavers when you get to that last row. Fill the joints with sand when you're done. Just sweep it in. A good local garden center will be able to steer you towards the most economical materials and a book from the library can save you hours of backbreaking work if you avoid making a mistake. Check them both out!