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What are some good parks in the Kansas City area for pictures?

I'm doing my sister's senior pics and moved here not long ago. What are some pretty parks in the area? What about parks with nice landscaping done? Any suggestions are welcome- any parks or even other locations with nice scenery.


  1. The rose garden in Loose Park is beautiful and often used for weddings and other events. It is in Kansas City, MO at 51st and Wornall. I had my senior pictures taken at Antioch Park at 67th and Antioch in Johnson County. I've seen lots of people also have pictures taken at Heritage Park in Olathe and at Sar-Ko-Par Park in Lenexa. We will be having some wedding photos taken at Sar-Ko-Par since it is near where I grew up and spent a lot of time. It's small but has a pretty pond, bridge and lots of trees, as well as a white gazebo.
  2. Yeah Loos Park is awesome. The rose garden is beautiful (my uncle got married there) and just around the park is really pretty too. Good luck and welcome to the area!
  3. loose park for sure--also try the west bottoms, its not a park but its beautiful old buildings and stuff...
  4. Loose Park most definitely. There's a lot of nice scenery around The Plaza as well... maybe try the park in front of The Nelson-Atkins museum.
  5. definatly loose park!! The rose garden is one of the most beautiful places for pictures. There's a cute little park on 52nd street right in front of a beautiful, beautiful house. I believe the house is a gray blue taup color. Anyway, it's a neat one. There's also that one park that I can't think of the name of but, it has that fountain that is always in pictues right there on the plaza. =)
  6. I agree with the Rose Garden at Loose Park, but don't neglect a few others. The Kauffman Legacy Park features the Kauffman Memorial Garden, which has some gorgeous fountains and flowers, and it's totally free and open to the public. In Johnson County you have Shawnee Mission Park - this is definitely a more natural look, but perhaps it would suit your sister better than a manicured garden. Powell Gardens also has acres of beautiful gardens down southwest of Kansas City. Finally, Mill Creek Park, which is a smaller park just east of the Country Club Plaza has some very quintessentially "Kansas City" fountains and scenery.
  7. the arburietum is really cool theres like tons of pretty flowers and stuff!! i saw some people getting wedding pics taken there to. its also really pretty in the summer.