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What are the best plants for a picture window?

My house has a large picture window, with 2 smaller ones on each side. I want to know what trees, plants, shrubs, or privacy trees can be used to put in front of these to help cut out the western glare of the sun, and to add privacy. My yard is smaller, and would like something that does not get any taller then 20 feet and 5 feet wide. I like green, white, red, but no blues, purples, or yellows. My zone is 5. I am not looking for a landscaping project, Just something to put in front of the windows..


  1. It depends on your decor and taste. 1. Palm Plant 2. Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree 3. Ficus 4. Rose Garden Basket: Vibrant Pink, Yellow and White Mini Rose plant will go with any decor and color 5. Blue skies hydrangea plant is a great choice too. Good Luck.