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decorating ideas for a girl and boy playroom?

I have an extra bedroom and we are looking to decorate it for the kids. Need help any ideas would be great. My daughter is a 1yr and half and son is 3. So I am looking for something unisex. Paint ideas (colors) anything. Thanks.


  1. Well, pastels are out. So, just go with bright primary colors or a jungle theme (those appeal to boys and girls).
  2. What would you think about doing a section of a wall with blackboard paint ? It doesn't even have to have the dull black board color. Now the paint can be purchased in different colors-- a nice sage green even--and if you cannot locate the special color paints in a store, check out Martha Stewart magazine archive for a formula to create special color chalkboard paint. Enjoy decorating for such a fun reason!
  3. 1] assign each kid a color - for storage bins, toothbrushes, laundry baskets, etc. 2] put little 'girl' toys in [ for instance ] red bins. Big boy toys in blue, unisex in bright yellow, and games in bright green. Baby toys can switch to dolls etc later; unisex can be blocks, animals, etc. 3] get table and 2-4 chairs [ in crayon colors? or natural wood ], and 2 sets of shelves - one for books; one for games, coloring books, etc. [ blue for books, green for games? or all in natural woods - natural can be re-cycled into another room later ] 4] paint room in light yellow or light green, washable paint 5] get stain proof carpet [ no eating in playroom? ] 7] bright curtains in crayon colors 8] crayon color framed artwork by son and daughter for walls - red, blue, yellow, green
  4. transportation garden sports princess and knights castle cartoon characters this site is filled with ideas, have a browse through http://kidsthemebedrooms.com
  5. Activity Table http://www.homelement.com/products/Kid-Furniture/Noahs-Ark-Table-Chairs-KidKraft_2836.html Storage http://www.homelement.com/products/Kid-Accessories/Accessories/Circus-Stack-A-Buddies-Storage-Unit-Levels-of-Discovery_2623.html or http://www.homelement.com/products/Kid-Accessories/Accessories/Musical-Toy-Box-Bench-Levels-of-Discovery_2606.html Rocking Horse http://www.homelement.com/products/Kid-Accessories/Rocking-Chairs/Derby-Rocking-Horse-Honey-KidKraft_2999.html Area rugs Good luck!