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What are some creative ideas for a flowerbed border?

I live in a single-wide mobile home and have a flower bed that runs along most of the front. It's about 1 1/2 feet wide and has a concrete sidewalk in front of it. I really want to use something besides landscaping timbers or decorative rocks/blocks. Any suggestions?


  1. Garden Wallpaper
  2. I seen a lady buy a lot of cheap colorful sandals and bury them halfway to create a border. She's a little on the eccentric side but it turned out OK.
  3. Yes, what looks cool and is safe is to bury 2 litre plastic pop bottles upside down into the soil edge. Have bottles lined up adjacent to each other (touching each other) and in any curved line shape you desire. The green bottles look the nicest but clear ones sparkle in the morning sun! They should last a few years, and if you could paint them they would last much much longer!
  4. I have Lavender as a border and I've used Candytuft in the past but both of those grow fairly wide themselves considering your garden is only about 1 1/2 feet wide. I would look for a smaller type border flower. I have a lot of gardens and I think flowers make the prettiest borders. If you are looking for a different type of material for a border, I have a friend who flipped beer bottles upside down and buried them on an angle as a border it gave a really neat effect but her garden is in her back yard where the bottles can't get broken.
  5. the cannas lily comes in many colors, and will add interest to your front yard.
  6. Day Lillys ...they are fairly cheap and multiply very fast ...no maintenance..plant them and smile at how pretty they are...buy them a wal-mart...k-mart
  7. Plant some Hosta, it grows like a weed and you can't kill it!
  8. You might consider a beautifuly trio: Tulips for spring ... Daylilies for fall ... Hosta for all season. All of this should be do-able in the 1-1/2 foot wide space you have running along the front of your home. As the Tulips die off, the leaves and stalks will wilt. The Hosta will begin to get fuller and fill in a bit. Then from the end of June through August the Daylilies bloom for you. Parrot Tulips are my favorite. All of the Hosta are beautiful. Dayliles come in all sizes and colors. (You can check out photos of most of these on my website: http://www.gardening-quick-n-easy.com/easy_care_plants.html) *~ Good Luck 'n ENJOY ~*