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How to decorate rock bed for cheap?

We have a pretty big rock garden in front of our house and i want to decorate it without making it look dumb, i'm on a tight budget but we are having a get together here and i want it to look decent... I like plants especially low maintenance plants :) and i'm not sure what kind of decorations that would look alright outside the new house of a young couple... ? (i'm afraid of my old lady taste getting in the way) lol any ideas?


  1. Hi Justaperson, I too have a rock garden that I kept to the 'minimalist look ' keeping in mind that I am trying to accomplish showing the natural look and texture of the rock. This does not allow for goofy plastic gnomes, silly pink flamingos, or over sized frogs, etc Now my dear, start memorizing that sentence so you do not end up with goofy decorations. Recalling the key words Minimalist Look , 'Natural Texture and Color' of the rock... Using low maintenance plants... in a word.. awesome! You might like to ask the ' love of your life :o) ' If she has any favorite small flowering plants ( marigolds ) that she wanted to add. Including into your world will get you farther ahead than excluding from your rock garden world. The marigolds are a good short term plant that will also enhance the ' Color of your Natural Texture Rock Garden ' they die or no longer bloom again once the autumn season temps begin to dip. Repeat after me, Natural, Texture, Color ,Minimalist Look.... :o) why she might just love you even more thinking you have become a cutting edge Landscaping Designer!
  2. You can decorate your garden with various things and furniture, as you don’t want to make it like old lady taste, then you can use these garden furniture’s for your garden use the link and to select one.