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Where can i get some great bedroom decorating ideas at?

Hey Hey im decorating my bedroom and i cant seem to find online that will give me great tips! Please help!=) Thanks-Lovess.


  1. go see mark at Draperyking toronto www.draperytoronto.com he always helps me
  2. I've faced the same problem recently, I trailed the internet for hours and didn't find anything either. In the end I just came up with my own ideas: I thought I could make some collages by using pictures out of magazines, clothes I like etc. and stick them onto some fancy wrapping paper (you can but individual sheets which are good quality and only cost about 80p!) I printed off some of my favourite pictures of the computer of friends, and also things I thought were cool like the eiffel tower and the hollywood sign and laminated them. I pinned them up to cover part of one of my walls, and it looked really effective. Also, keep scraps of paper and tickets form concerts to add later, it looks really good when it all builds up! - A pin board might be handy for this - they only cost about £5 if you look around, maybe less! I also thought of getting some beads and string, and making simple yet creative items: just thread the beads onto the string, as long or short as you want, and dangle them from the ceiling, make a set of door beads, hang them at the window, or even round the mirror; the possibitilities are endless! If you're stuck on how to hang them up, you can buy plastic hooks with a stick side, that come off easily if you ever get sick of them: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SMALL-OVAL-SELF-ADHESIVE-HOOKS-PACK-OF-3_W0QQitemZ300410919143QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Home_Garden_Decorative_Accents_LE?hash=item45f1e2d8e7 Posters are always good, but can look a bit boring by themselves. Buy some ready cut cardboard shapes like harts, stars and flowers from a local craft store or online, or do them yourself if you wanted, and stick them around with blue tack. At first I thought this would look too childish, but I tried it and it didn't, it's cheap too! Try adding extra little accessories around the room, like a fluffy pillow, or a fun wall clock. Anything that takes your fancy! Hope this helps!! (: