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How do i landscape a troubled yard?

My husband and i are planning on moving back home and wanted to increase the house's value by doing some yardwork. I planted a small dwarf tree in the front yard and added three burning bushes to the bed in front of the house. The backyard is mostly shade but gets light in all areas depending on the time of day. We have tried planting grass near the house but it will not grow (we did a grass mix of shade and sun grasses, none grew). The backyard is totally bare, except for four old trees that i plan on pruning but not removing, and could be a wonderful selling point for this house. We are in town and it is a LARGE lot. Any suggestions?


  1. after you prune your trees in the back yard try planting seed again or you could get sod. also make sure to furtilize. You can also make big flower beds in the back yard using shade plants or you coudl make a deck .
  2. prune your trees first. Use a good grass seed I recommend Triple Crown Plus. Also use Lime to bring up your PH level, fertilize, and let grow. Why not think about putting in some type of flower garden with a fountain or gazeebo in the huge backyard yourself. You can do this type of project easily and it will be cheaper then hiring someone...check out diy's website. In the front yard work on accenting good things about your house like walkways or an area by the mailbox.
  3. sounds like your soil in the back yard may be too acid now for grasses. why not think about raised beds for a fast upgrade you can do yourself. there are plenty of gardens available online to look at for ideas. evergreen shrubs such as rhododendrons, azaleas and mountain laurels would do well in mostly shade. at their bases a carpet of ferns would be wonderful as well as Hostas that now come with beautiful varigated leaves for a bright splash of color anywhere .. very easy to get a hold of most anywhere. you may consider planting bulbs among the ferns. the idea is to cover as much ground as you can there in the bare spots. another every green ground cover for that type area is vinca minor also called periwinkle. this is what i do for a living shoot me an email if ya want more information . I'm happy to share it with you .. good luck
  4. I would suggest to design a shade garden. There is alot of beautiful shade plants. A few suggestions are Hosta's, they come in many different varieties, Astilibe, Bleeding Hearts, Ferns(large variety as well) Lady Mantel, some varieties of Colombine, foam flower, foxglove, there is many types and they will bloom at different times of the year. A shade garden can be very attractive. Depending on the size of space, you could include a bench, which is nice to sit in the shade on a hot summer's day. An area for bird feeders, let your imagination go. Make it warm and appealing where people want to go out into the garden, I think that would be a great selling point. Have fun gardening!