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Building a small garden wall and lay a path?

I have some old stones I want to break up and build a small garden wall with. I guess just use a lump hammer and a stone chisel thing. Do I dig a small hole wider than the stones pour in concrete then lay the stones below the soil line? then using the concrete lay them. If I buy the sand and cement, how do i mix it?


  1. I build walls in my landscape projects. Your sounds simple. For your application, you don't need a footer. Just a level, well compacted ground, wider than the stones is fine. What I do, is select the best stones for the top and set aside. I (dry stack) all the stones keeping them all level and stagering sizes. Topping it off with the best stones. You can buy premixed stucco cement and just add water, (an 80 lb bag is about $5). Using a glove, ooze it in between the stones from behind. Being careful not to put too much that it oozes out of the front. The idea is to see a stone wall not a cement mess. The final top stones need to be cemented all around, (kids may walk on them). Clean with a large sponge dipped in a bucket of water, over and over to keep the stones free of cement residue. Let dry for two days. When breaking the stones wear goggles and have a piece of plywood between you and the stones, they are known to be missles and shoot right at your legs!