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What are some easy Halloween decorating ideas?

This is the first Halloween party I have ever thrown so I want it to be great. I already have the usual ideas and am looking for something unique and interesting. Don't have a very big budget so preferably something easy and fairly inexpensive. All help is appreciated.


  1. A cool idea I'm using (Don't mind if you take it) is I'm printing out these labels I made on Microsoft Office Word are stuff like... Aliens blood. (Picture of an Alien) Witches Brew -Eye of Newt -Tounge of dog -Ect. -Ect. -Ect. And put them on pop bottles and when your friends get thirsty, just give them one of you're special cool creations... Hope I helped. :)
  2. I LOVE DECORATING FOR HALLOWEEN PARTIES SO HERE: -Monster Footprints With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge. Cut out the footprint. Pour washable paint in an 1/8 inch aluminum pan. Press the sponge in the paint and sponge footsteps up your sidewalk to your front door for trick-or-treaters to follow, or around the side of your dark, spooky house. Flip the sponge upside down to stamp the other foot. -Icky Cobwebs Cut some string into 4 foot lengths and tape them to the ceiling. You should have a very dim room for this. Just before the victim arrives you can hold a bowl of water up to the string and get it wet. When people walk in the wet, slimy string will brush across their foreheads and scare them! -Crunching Bones Underfoot Spread some dried bread and pretzels under a rug. When your guests walk across the rug it will sound like crunching bones underfoot! - Sound Effects You can record several scary sounds and play it back during the festivities. A very large sheet of poster board or sheet metal makes great thunder. Uncooked rice poured onto a cookie sheet sounds like rain. Crinkle a handful of cellophane for a roaring fire. To get a good scream you can, well -- scream. Snap carrots in half for the sound of breaking bones. Flap a plastic bag in front of the microphone for the sound of bats. Slowly blow bubbles with a straw into a bowl for that bog sound. Hunt around your house and the garden to find a squeaky hinge somewhere and tape it before someone gets to it with a can of oil. (or you can buy some CD's at spirit haloween) -play some haloween themed music, a good one are the monster mash