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What can I do with a small triangular garden area at a corner intersection?

I need to redo a small garden area, triangular-shaped, that is very high profile as it is located on my property at a 4-way stop. Right now it is full of morning glory that is impossible(?) to get rid of so I may have to even use ground sterilizer. What creative ideas do you have for this space? I have a few ideas, but it is always fun to see what ideas others might have. Thank you in advance for your input. Note: I live in the southeastern corner of Washington State, Zone 6 - 7.


  1. If you want something pretty maintenance free day lillies are a great way to go. They fill in quite quickly they are beautilful when blooming and nice and bushy when not blooming. There are all kinds and colors I really like them
  2. I would, firstly raise the level of the center part to make it more prominent by way of a nice rockery or a mound of sorts that should be in scale with the site. Don"t know where you are so cannot recommend plants, suffice to say they should be tough beggars that do not require much maintenance.
  3. what about caladiums ? they are very pretty and easy to maintain . if you really want to get rid of the morning glories use round up and wait a month before you plant anything else . good luck .
  4. My favorite attractive low-maintenance landscaping consists of liriope grass (monkey grass, mondo grass, lilyturf grass; pick your term) http://www.bloominacresfarm.com/images/Varigated%20Liriope.jpg. This grass can be variegated, single colored, short, tall, even evergreen. It spikes flowers in purple, blue, or white. I add small boulders to the liriope for contrast. This type of landscaping is easy-care; liriope spreads and tolerates drought once established, and rocks never die on you. I am always careful to get large enough rocks, and partly bury them, so that neighborhood kids aren't tempted to throw them at one another.
  5. I am not sure how big the corner is, but here is an idea. Plant a few different varieties of hosta lillies in it. Add some tulip bulbs and/or daffodils for the spring color, add some tiger lilly or asiatic lilly bulbs for mid summer color and then each year you could add some annuals to the outside border, such as marigolds or petunias. For the morning glory, I feel your pain. It blooms a pretty whitish purplish flower, but kills all the other plants by choking them off. Grrr..... One of my neighbors tried mixing a weak solution of borax with water (something like a tsp. of borax to a gallon of water) to try to get rid of the morning glory. I think it worked for her because I do not see it anymore in her plants (roses). HOWEVER, I am not sure what the effect of borax is on bulbs.
  6. i planted a hibiscus tree and planted flowers around it made a sm circle and put mulch on it to. put a solar light for nite time. i had a sm duck made of ceramic it was broke so the neck pc was left, i have it stickin in ground looks like duck is coming out of ground. different.