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How could a predator (dinosaurs) world exist before the garden of Eden and before the fall of man?

Before man, there was T-Rex and Raptors and such. If God created dinosaurs, why did he make them vicious? How could there be a world of violence (dinosaurs hunting dinosaurs) before the harmony of the Garden of Eden? Surely, this isn't the nature of God. Any thoughts?


  1. you are seeing through the delusion
  2. I doubt it was constant warfare, there were carnivorous dinosaurs that kept the herds in check.
  3. Genesis clearly says that great monsters roamed the Earth during the Creation. If dinosaurs aren't great monsters I don't know what is.
  4. Yes. I'm sure goat herders who wrote down their epileptic fits in the desert 4000 years ago know more about dinosaurs than all scientists today. About the great monsters.. That could have been everything from lions to hippos, elephants and giraffes. What we see as "great" today is a _little_ larger than they did.
  5. The people who wrote the bible didn't know any of this stuff.
  6. My theories are worthless as anyone else's but what if the 'god' of this world--Satan--was allowed to create animals? Certainly the animals became vicious after the Garden of Eden because of Satan. Maybe he designed them or because of his influence they became vicious just like after Adam and Eve. Good question!
  7. I think believers believed those ate plants before Eve ate the apple or something. I hear a lot of explanations for all kinds of things.
  8. Assuming asker is assuming. Stop with the assumptions that the created/antediluvian world was anything like it is today! And until you do, I will not justify your question with an answer.
  9. God intelligently designed the teeth of the T Rex to tear and shred grass, not flesh.
  10. Well for starters, Genesis was a metaphor. It's not literally how the world was created. Once you realize that, things will start making sense.
  11. You never watched the discovery channel or National Geographic Channel.... Animals hunting and killing other animals is a very natural thing that is happening right now. As we speak, some arachnid is drinking the life force of an insect, a pride of lions is eating a slow land mammal, a shark is eating fish, and so on and so forth. Its how God made it work. It balances itself out.
  12. Well the fundamentalists believe that all species (dinosaur and mammal alike) existed within the same time period. If this is to be true, how then, is it possible that we survived among creatures as ferocious as the T-Rex?
  13. You can't place real events on the same timeline as imaginary events. Dinosaurs existed. We have their bones as evidence. Adam and Eve never existed. The Garden of Eden never existed. These are imaginary events. To say the age of dinosaurs came before or after an imaginary event is craziness.
  14. which god?
  15. god created dinosaurs at the same time as man its a myth they existed millions of years before man
  16. Maybe they were created after the fall of man.
  17. thomas... more like dumbas
  18. because there is no god, dinosaurs existed before man, died out and eventually man came to be and made up things to explain what they dont know and to create rules they want others to follow because it is what they see is right...
  19. In the Bible, Yahweh said to Adam and Eve, "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" The word 'replenish' is interesting in that it means some human form and animals were already living on earth before Adam and Eve. It is just like refueling, re-tooling, in that it was there even before. Gen 1:1 states that, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth". What Yahweh had created then should be perfect for Yahweh is perfect. Gen 1:2 states that, " And the earth was without form and void". Something must had happen to make the whole heaven and earth without beauty as was intended. It was the rebellion of Lucifer and a third of the angels of heaven against Gabriel and Michael. In Revelation, it says that they lost the war and they were imprisoned here on Earth. If you read the next verse, it says, "Let there be light". Yahweh did not create light because light was already created in the beginning. The next verses, you can see the pattern, "Let there be.." repeated over and over again because it was already available and need not to be created again. It also said that Yahweh formed man from the dust of the ground and breath into his nostrils the breath of life. The dust is already there and the breath life to make it alive. As long as you breath, You have Yahweh's breath life. How about when it says, " So Yahweh created man in His own image". Since Yahweh is spirit and could communicate with only another spirit, Yahweh created in Adam and Eve a way to talk to them by the spirit He gave them. When Adam sinned, that same day, that spirit died from them and Yahweh could not communicate with them. So it is true that all those big animals existed before Adam but were destroyed all together by that rebellion from Lucifer.
  20. Not all dinosaurs were carnivorous, but I see your point. Nowhere in Scripture does it say that all creatures were at peace with one another before the "fall" of Adam and Eve. Nowhere does it say that humanity was here first...in fact, according to Scripture, we were the last created. Nowhere does it say in Scripture that God's days of creation were on our timescale; in fact, two Scriptures I know suggest that God's time and days are much longer than ours (Job, 2 Peter). In fact, our measuring a day of 24 hours based on the earth rotating on it's axis to the sun was not available until the 4th day. As for dinosaurs "great lizards," I find it amazing that so many ancient cultures believed in what they then called dragons, and painted pictures of giant lizards. Science counted the accounts of these great beasts as mythology before bones were found which confessed these exinct beasts. And just because science gives them a new name does not mean science has any ownership over them. The statums of science are filled with new controversial facts. Some species which are in layers which were thought to live millions of years ago have been found today! And exactly the same! The biological "tree of life" of Darwin has been redrawn so many times with new evidence and science that some have began considering a forrest of life, and many scientists have thrown it out all together, though it was once thought of as evolutionary fact. Keep an open mind in your search.
  21. The First Earth There was a time of great creation. Solar systems were created planets and many other marvels not all at the same time but with many different ages. How this was done no one on this planet knows. Let me repete this “No one knows” including scientist. They can push any theory they wish in hopes to promote their we have the answers idea. But in truth the more they say the dumber they appear. Any idea of accidental happenings is idiotic for there is great complication of design in all that exist. Therefore there has to be a great architech or designer beyond our capability or understanding. If there is a designer there must be a place the designer calls home I call this place heaven and the designer GOD . How these things came to be I have no idea, but hope that somewhere in the future I will be blessed with that knowledge. So somewhere in the past the earth was created long before the time of man. Of course before man was it even called earth I doubt it. Was there any life here before man ? Yes the proof is in the ground. The fuel we need today is the result of that life. Was that accidental or was that planned all along. Perhaps that was the design of many worlds progress in many steps. Were there any humanoid type creatures before man perhaps but not man. For man was created at the time of genesis when the first earth had been layed waste covered with darkness and water shrouded by a mist of darkness with no land for beast or visitors. This is the time I see as prior to the book of genesis or the re creation of a earth capable of being a home for mankind. Why did that happen I do not know but it would explain The fossel findings or why occasionally pre historic sea creatures are discovered still alive for only they had a chance of surviving the fall of the first earth. After all modern man has found sea life thriving in places unthinkable before. These strange sea creatures are rare as though only few survivers not abundant as the sea creatures created during genesis. This to me explains how every mountain on earth can have fossils of sea crustations for the earth could have remained in this state of darkness covered in water for a very long time unlike the short period when Noah was afloat. So the first earth went through many changes one of being inhabited by very large land creatures and plants of which eventually none survived. The first earth went through periods of extreme heat and cold. And in it’s final days was cast into darkness covered with water and mist where only few sea creatures driven deep into the earth survived. The submersed land holding fossil remains to present many questions for the future inhabitants of the second earth. The Second Earth In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth. Now the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of GOD moved upon the face ot the waters. The above is a direct quote from genesis. For me it reads in the beginning GOD created heaven and earth. So when was the beginning at least prior to now as in now the earth was without form. I believe there is a long time period between these two sentences. The first sentence refers to the first earth. The second sentence now the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. Describes the condition of the the first earth at this point in time upon the replenishing creation of GOD upon the earth. Also the second sentence of genesis does not describe creation from nothing but rather a damaged water covered dark world that exist already. GOD’s presents seems as the repair man of the universe. The next few passages describe repairing or returning earth to a beautiful life supporting world. The word replenish is used several times as in again not for the first time.