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Herb Patio Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is your favorite recipe using 3 or more Fresh Herbs?

    I know what mine is, but I'm looking for new ideas? I'd love to use as much of my Herb Garden before Fall sets in and they begin to fade away. I have Sweet Basil, Purple Basil, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Flat Leaf Parsley.........I know its small, but it's on my second floor patio. So, any recipes or ideas are most welcome and appreciated! Thanks and have a GREAT Labor Day!

  2. I am new to gardening and need some advice?

    This is my first spring in a house with a garden and I have no idea what I'm doing! The garden has a lawn, a huge evergreen bush, a pond with two fish, bedding areas, a patio with moss all over it and a spot at the bottom that I thought would make a nice vegetable/fruit patch. So.... How often do I cut the lawn? How often do I trim the hedge? Do the fish need feeding? When do I plant stuff? How do I prepare a vegetable patch? How do I get rid of the moss? Lots of questions I know! Can anyone help me?

  3. What are some easy to care for yellow flowers.?

    I have a pretty bare yard since I'm in a new house, I want a garden that has yellow flowers, but the trees are very young, so they will have to with stand the sun. Any suggestions. I also would like purple and red accents.

  4. Wanting to plant a garden, but need help!?

    I don't have room to plant a garden in my back yard. I was wondering if anyone had anyone had ideas for planting vegitables in pots or tubs? I have heard of the upside down tomato plants, and I am going to try these. Are there any other ways of having a garden with only having a patio?

  5. Any advise on a new House with a ugly yard.?

    I just bought a house and the yard needs a lot of help. any pointers on certain plants and flowers i can purchase to make it look good. nothing too exspensive, but nothing that is ugly looking. thanx