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Condo Patio Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to start a balcony garden?

    I live in a condo and really want to have a garden. I know people have started ones on their patio or balcony but I am not sure how to start a successful one. Can anyone give me ideas? What items would be best to grow? Also of it matters I live in the Central Florida area.

  2. Wha is the best kind of home for a single lady in her 50s?

    looking to buy a home or something that I do not have to do a lot of work with, has a garage and I can grow old in. And that I can afford!

  3. What kind of property will $1 million buy me in Manhattan?

    I'm going to be moving my family to NY next year from Europe - I'm trying to get an idea of what I can get for a million - I know it will vary by neighbourhood - bigger the better (3 children) - can I forget about a yard...?

  4. Potting Soil Storage?

    I live in a condo and love gardening - I know: it sucks big time... so to cope, I have lots, and I mean lots, of potted plants on my patio. I want to reuse the potting soil for next year but don't have a shed, or a basement, or a lot of room to store the soil over the winter - any suggestions? My plants aren't dead yet, just want to know what I can store the soil in outside for over the winter.

  5. im a guy, i need a good site to get ideas for my appartment, any one know of any sites?

    something modern ppl please.

  6. need to find a 1bedroom apartment in NJ ranging around 700-800 dollars.I also need adress and phone number.?

    I need contacts of where these apartments are and a phone number.

  7. Balcony Sanctuary?

    I am the perpetual renter and probably will be for the rest of my life i'm certain. Once again on the move, my new condo boasts a large balcony and each of the two bedrooms opens to the balcony which is really nice. I'd like to create a cozy outdoor space with plants, maybe a hammock, perhaps a patio garden? Any suggestions? THANK YOU!

  8. Solution for small entryway/patio/grill area?

    I am moving to a small condo with a fenced in type entryway that is only about 10x10. I want to do something to "Hide" the fence (tall white plastic), landscape it some and have a nice grill area. Right now it's just dirt and I love gardens, I'm just not sure how to tie in the garden with the patio since it's my entryway and essentially my front yard. I'm pretty handy and willing to put work into this project. I guess essentially I'm looking for a nice combination of garden and hardscape ideas. I'm open to any suggestions! I live in zone 6. Thanks in advance!

  9. Developing a setting? Please help?

    I was wondering how an author might go about developing a setting? Please help! Any ideas are apreciated. Thank you!

  10. Some help for a potted garden?

    I live in a condo in Los Angeles., I have a small concrete back yard, the back yard is on the south side of the house, half of the yard gets full day of sun in the summer. can you recommend some easy-care plants that grows well in SoCal and in a pot? Please provide as much details as you can, i.e. pot size, soil, positioning, etc., I would like to have some plants that could flowering and fragrant if possible. hard to find helps in Home Depot and other stores thats why i am seeking answers

  11. Advice on starting a garden in my patio ?

    So outside of my condo we have a little patio/porch area surrounded by a fence, one side is cement and the other side is just dirt and rocks. This is MY personal space. It looks so ugly over there, but apparently my landlord said that nothing can grow in that dirt area and if I were to plant plants there they have to stay in a pot because it won't grow in the ground. I looked at some of my neighbors patio/porch area and one has fake grass on there area, the other has it completely cemented. I don't understand much about planting/gardening but all I know is that the dirt area in my patio is hideous. I was thinking about putting something there like some grass or anything but I don't know ! I really like flowers but I guess that idea is shot. Can someone give some advice to a clueless gardener ??

  12. There is a pigeon nesting in one of my patio plants - what the heck do I do?

    I live in a 5th floor condo downtown in a pretty big city. Pigeons are nothing new. I noticed some pigeons on my patio yesterday and the day before. They were just hanging out and my cat enjoyed watching them from the window, so I didn't do anything about it like shoo them away. I just hoped that they wouldn't poop too much b/c I had just swept the whole thing earlier that day. Well...today I go out to water one of my palms and I look down into the pot and there's a stinkin' pigeon looking right back up at me. I was surprised that it didn't fly away. I just stood there for a moment wondering if I should continue watering the palm because it's pretty darn hot out there and the soil was looking dry...but for fear that the pigeon would fly at me with it's talons I chose to simply back away slowly (perhaps I watched too many episodes of "When Animals Attack"?). Yeah, I'm a city girl...I can admit that. So? Is it nesting? I mean, I suppose it is...I have no idea though. The pigeon is just kind of squatting in the soil. It doesn't look comfortable at all, to be honest. Good heavens, if there's an egg in there I don't think I'd have the heart to evict that poor pigeon. What do I do?! How long is the gestation period for pigeon eggs? Are the fast learners or will I have a clan of flightless baby pigeons living on my patio for months? Am I expected to adopt them? Geez. This is not what I expected when I woke up this morning. By the way, I have no idea whether I should be asking this question in the Pets>Birds section or Gardening section. I wish there were a hybrid question group for things like this. Oh well. Thank you for any assistance! Will the bird leave to get food or something? Maybe I could bring the palm in doors after that if there's not an egg in there? I know it sounds mean, but I'm moving late next month...I'd like to take my plant sans the pigeon with me!

  13. Is planting grass in the back area of our condo a good idea?

    My fiance and I have been tossing around ideas on what to turn our back area of our condo into. Some folks have it all cemented, others have gardens, one even has a fairly tall tree. We were thinking that it may be nice to plant nice grass and have stepping stones to our doors, and maybe stones to a patio table and chairs. The main drawback we see is the need for a mower for such a little space. If we included a mower when we sell our condo, do you think people would like the idea of a back lawn or frown upon it? We think that in comparison to other ideas, the maintenance is pretty low and it looks a lot nicer than just concrete.

  14. what can you do to stop your cat from peeing somewhere he isn't, and stop him from getting into fights.?

    our cat,oreo, is peeing every where, is getting into fights with a cat, and leaving our house and we have to get him every time. he has lots and lots of scabs and bruises all over himself from fights. he always follows the other cat. it isn't all oreo's fault because the other cat always comes to our house. we have no idea who's cat it is. we don't even know if it live's in a house or a stray. he always pees every where know matter how much we punish him by not letting him in anymore. please do not email me.

  15. Opinions on tethering a small dog (while supervised)?

    I live in a townhome-style condo with a good bit of backyard. There is a fence in the back facing the road, so there is absolutely no way my dog could get free and run for the busy road. However, there aren't fences on the side to separate my property from my neighbors'. My dog is well-behaved, but I don't trust him not to get distracted and run off. There are leash laws in effect here anyway. Although I own the property, I can't fence in my part of the yard due to HOA regulations. Basically, I am planning to do a lot of backyard work (since mine currently looks like crap), and I feel bad every time I have to leave my dog inside. He is primarily an inside dog, but I'm sure he would love a little bit of sunshine. I am considering purchasing a small tether system so that he could remain outside with me when I'm gardening or just sitting on the patio. My other option is getting a play-pen sort of thing, but he can jump high and could get out. A high-price dog kennel is out of the question because: (1) I think they look tacky and (2) he wouldn't be outside enough for it to be worth the money to purchase one. Anyway, I was wondering if tethering would be a good idea. The local laws where I live allow humane tethering. He would always be supervised outside with me, given access to water, and would only have enough slack to move around my yard (so he wouldn't be able to get onto my neighbors' property). He would never be outside for long periods of time because it's way too hot here in the south for either me or him to stay out very long. I am mainly concerned about the stigma surrounding tethering and how it is harmful to dogs. Thoughts? Opinions? Is this a bad idea?

  16. Why is intolerance in the family such an epidemic- is it normal to hate your inlaws?

    I joined a support group called “I hate my MIL,” because after 5 years of being very close to my DIL, for about a year now I have been pushed out of her life. She tells me she loves me, but she makes other plans when I drive there to visit (5 hours away) and I only come when she needs me to babysit so she can work part time. (I loved my inlawsl my MIL and I peacefully sided against others in the family to hold our ground). I am confused from what others in my support group are saying: Joy: is a single grandma, she is a very busy professional and well respected in our community. She loves her grandchildren. Joy’s son looks and acts just like her, which his wife loves, but Joy’s DIL hates her. Gracy is also a professional, her granddaughter looks exactly like she did when she was a child. They are very close, because Gracy’s DIL had post pardon depression for the first year or so of the GC life and Gracy took her took work with her and spent a lot of time with her. Lori is the DIL who says she has no reason to hate her MIL, she does because it drives her nuts when her husband does things with his mom- she likes to cook, use a chainsaw to cut wood for our fireplace and do gardening with my husband, all things Lori appreciate, but resents everyone (her kids and parents) making a big deal when her MIL comes to visit. Megan refuses to let her husband talk to his mom; she calls him when she knows they are driving or going somewhere together (usually to Home Depot to buy supplies for his projects). She has not allowed her children to have time with her MIL, because she resents her children craving this time and loving being with her. The MIL stopped visiting because Megan makes other plans for the family to not be around, so the MIL sends gifts to the grandchildren for holidays and their birthday and Megan is angry because the children beg to see their grandma and they love what she send. I feel no matter what the MIL (in these incidents) and the DIL in the reverse situation (nice people being victimized by control-freak inlaws) the nice person loses. I am not getting any ideas from this group, regarding how to resolve my own problems, I feel more confused. Why is in-law hatred such an epidemic ?