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Outdoor Patio Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Creative ideas for an outdoor table?

    My husband and I just moved into a new home and the previous owners left a very nice wooden bench that I am planning to place alongside my garden. I would really love an outdoor seating area, but can't afford to purchase a new patio set. Does anyone out there have some creative ideas for building an outdoor table to go along with the bench? Thanks!

  2. where can I get some inexpensive but contemporary outdoor furniture?

    Something for a balcony or patio? Got any good ideas besides, walmart or kmart?

  3. Where can I buy string lights NOT during the holiday season?

    I want to buy some string lights (aka: Christmas lights) to decorate my bedroom with, but I can't find any stores that carry them because the holidays aren't for another 6 months. I'd prefer to buy them at a physical store rather than online. Any ideas?

  4. Unique decorating ideas for 2 teracotta urns & small outdoor table?

    I have 2 teracotta urns (40cm x 25cm) and a small alfresco table with rusty legs and round glass top. Would really appreciate some ideas on how to decorate them up something different for my large verandah garden.

  5. Does anyone know of a free web site where I can get ideas on decorating a patio?

    I want to be able to draw a diagram and see how it would look on paper etc. before I go and spend money.

  6. What are some fun things to do for a going away party and what kinds of food will make this party a hit?

    Our friend and i are planing a going away party for my sister in law who is moving to Idaho in 3 weeks. We want her to have a great time with family and friends before she moves away. A list of things to do and a list of foods will help us out a lot. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

  7. What do I do with my yard - I have an acre in the FRONT of my house and nothing behind it?

    The acre is fenced in but from the street its boring and bland with a long driveway and a play yard off to the side (I have 2 small kids). My house sits right at the back of the land. Any suggestions on how to make this a functioning space for my family while retaining curb appeal?

  8. any ideas for a small back yard?

    i want my small back yard to look lush and verdant,how should i plan it ? what plants to use,how to maximise space,i also like growing herbs and veg. i live in a mediteranian type climate. any advice would be welcome ,thanks.

  9. Does anyone have a photo or know of a book involving building an authentic children's castle for outdoors?

    I saw a child-sized castle in NW Arkansas made of stone perhaps from a home-improvement store to outline a garden project. I really would like a photo to go by or perehaps a book on how to build it.

  10. The wedding is the 17 of March next year, does anyone know of any indoor venues in north east ohio?

    Ok guys I need a little help here, I'm planing a wedding for march of next year, too cold for an outdoor wedding but he picked our anniversary date to have the wedding on, soooo.... I need to find something nice indoors, a green house or indoor garden would be amazing, but there aren't too many around our area so I'll settle for something beautiful inside, it doesn't have to be huge, the wedding will only have 12 people in it, any ideas?

  11. where do I find full size patterns for woodworking?

    My husband and I want to make patio furniature, bird feeders , wind chimes , swings,garden animals, outdoor table chairs ect. to sell as a side line..we are new at this and bought basic tools, saws,air compresser guns ect and are just starting, I'd like to use full scale patterns for projects. Any ideas ??