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Patio Garden Ideas Containers Questions Answered!

  1. Need some good ideas for a patio fence.?

    I have bought 7 black trellises to put around the edge of my patio garden. They stand about 6 foot tall and about 2 1/2 feet wide. The tops has openings that look like a window to which you can hang a large basket of flowers (which I have). The trellis are also spaced out in which I have BIG pots of flowers on the ground between them. My question is I need something to connect the trellis to make them look right. The trellis look like black banding that have braided through, kind of what you would do to a pie top, when you lay the crust under and over each other and the spaces are left in between. Hopefully you can understand what I am trying to do, but need some great ideas. Also this is a container garden, and the cheaper the better for I have spent alot of money and my budget is shot!!!! Thanks Patty

  2. Planting ferns in deep containers?

    I bought a tall fibreglass container for my patio to add height - I want to plant ferns, but as the container is very deep (3 foot) I think it will become a soggy mess if filled with compost. I've heard you can add polystyrene, but would need a lot to fill this pot (3 ft wide, 3 ft high). Would gravel be a better idea? Thanks for any advice. Many thanks for all the excellent suggestions! Much appreciated.

  3. how to landscape a townhouse patio?

    How do I landscape around a townhouse patio that is 12' x 25' ? Right now there is nothing but a concrete patio.

  4. Is there anywhere on the internet that can give me ideas on how to create a garden?

    I would like to have bird tables, water fountain, pebbles and anything else that anyone can suggest.

  5. Need to cover outdoor pallets with weather resistant material..?

    I am building a container garden on my covered patio. I am using wood pallets and they look awful. I would like to cover the sides with some type of material that is water resistant . Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. How do you deter or kill frogs ?

    I would like to know some ways of possibly detering frogs from my property, specfically my back patio. I've done a few searches but all I get is "OH No, please save the frogs". Yes all debris, wet areas are cleaned out, no place for them to reside. Yes I know they eat flies/mosquitos, I rather DEAL with the flies and mosquitos than deal with the frogs. Yes I know they are an EPA protected species. The EPA can come here and remove them from my backyard if they are so interested. Supposedly their system can't deal with caffeine, so I have a spray bottle with coffee in it that I spray on them when I see one not sure if that works, other than they hop away. I've tried another with salty water, not sure if that works either. Have another with pure RoundUp which supposedly they can't deal with, NOT sure if thats working either. Supposedly having a plastic goose, helps. I do have a huge Razor snake taking residence in exterior A/C unit, I'm sure he's helping out. Any other ideas?

  7. need some good ideas of plants to buy !?

    hi there, so i live in las vegas and it gets hot here i want to plant some stuff and need to know whats good for this type of climate! something that obviously likes heat and such i have 4 giant barrels i will also use ( they look like cut in half whiskey barrels) i like ( dont know how to spell it) bouchonvillia's do they do well??