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Apartment Patio Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Can I bug-bomb a tiny storage closet on my patio?

    I have a tiny storage closet separate from my apartment, with access on my back patio. The dimensions are equal to an average indoor closet, so I figure a normal bug fogger would be more than overkill. Are there any foggers specifically for something that size, or does anyone have any wonderous ideas? We have very poisonous spiders in the area and I don't want to risk myself or any of my friends/family.

  2. What are fun date ideas in Southern California for a couple in their 20's?

    I've lived here so long sometimes I forget how much there is to do around here. Anything from San Diego to LA works. Or, just any date ideas for dates in general (besides dinner and a movie). I'll take any ideas - fun, romantic, creative, wild, cheap, expensive, whatever.

  3. What would be a pet/child friendly treatment to keep fleas out of my apartment?

    My apartment has a walk out patio, however it is lower than ground which means insects can get in easier. My cat has a lot of fur on him making it easy for fleas to hide. Can someone give me some ideas? thanks to all who answer!

  4. How am I going to sell my house?

    I live in a two bedroom house. It's the size of a one bedroom apartment. I hate it. I have plans of moving into another home October 1st but I can't sell my current house. 3 People have looked at it and they all say the same thing "It's cute but too small" Is there anything I can do to it?

  5. Any tips on decorating my apartment?

    I'm on a budget so looking for affordable ideas to decorate my apartment. I love to have plants around me especially kitchen garden type herbs. Would it be a good idea to invest in potted herbs and flowers . IThere is little space on my patio and not much sun. Thanks

  6. How do I keep my little dog from falling? ?

    I just recently moved into a second floor apartment with a patio. I also have a little 5lb chihuahua. The patio has bars that have spaces in between them that are 4-5 inches apart, easy for her to fit through. If any one has any suggestions or ideas or actual things they've done to keep their little pets in, please let me know !!! Thank you.

  7. Where can I get patio fences to help keep cats in? 10 pts?

    I am getting a new apartment and my roommae has cats. The patio we have is pretty big and we were looking to get some kind of fencing to put out there to keep the cats from getting out. The patio fence itself is only about 3-4 feet high. I saw other places had some kind of "Bamboo" looking fences up or things like that. Any ideas where to get that kind of stuff or anything similar just to keep the cats in? Im In Los Angeles, SF Valley if that helps....thanks!

  8. Would there be any way to combine Zen and Pop Art with a touch of Disney together for a home?

    Basically i really want to redesign my apartment, yet i cant let go of either theme. I want a constant theme throughout the house but these two themes are very opposite. Zen is calming and mystic, while pop art is crazy and eye catching. Any home designers out there or people who may know hoe to balance out these themes, please give me some tips. I would love to incorporate vintage Disney art or other decorations somewhere along every room of the house. Also i am remodeling my balcony with a small garden for my mom. She loves all kinds of flowers and plants. I recall her saying not to long ago that she would love to add more colorful plants to both the inside of our home and the balcony so can you please give me some ideas for colorful vibrant plants and flowers. Thank you!

  9. Best type of cat to have indoors?

    I live in a flat with no garden but would still like to have a cat that I can keep indoors. I don't really like the idea of my cat wondering around the complex (there are about 100 other flats here) and I am concerned about the impact cats have on wildlife. So basically I was wondering if anyone could suggest a breed that prefers staying indoors/on patio and doesn't have much interest in exploring/hunting in the outdoors?

  10. Apartment patio garden?

    I've been researching some ideas to have a patio garden. I want to plant some veggies, but I live in an apartment so I can't plant in the ground. But I feel like big containers will work? What kind of plants do you think would be best to grow? (Ie tomatoes, carrots, etc) Thanks!

  11. Good ideas for herb garden planters?

    I have several different types of herbs that I'm planting this year, all for the first time. We have planted huge gardens in the past, and this year we're setting up a produce stand in the front yard. I'd like to know a good planter for the herbs (or planters) that would be portable.

  12. Have patio so all plants in pots. Need pretty flowering climber.?

    ALL my plants have to be in pots but strangely I have a reasonable size garden with grass. The reason... there is a big garage under my apartment and it is forbidden to grow plants from the very thin soil available. So any ideas please? MUST have many flowers, I don't want a "Russian Vine" effect! I have some Clematis already. Thank you for your time.

  13. How to make own fertilizer?

    I'm doing a science project and i'm using diff fertilizers but i want to try and make my own. And sugesstions are help/ideas.