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Patio Garden Ideas Plants Questions Answered!

  1. What are unusual containers for patio plants and trees?

    I'm looking for creative ideas that are inexpensive, easy to build or make and looks good.

  2. What is a cheaper alternative to a cement patio?

    I want a patio but cement is so expensive. Is there something that can be done that looks good and doesn't cost as much?

  3. Yard/garden/patio decoration ideas for parents who live in Florida?

    Parents live in FL. I'd like to order something for their garden. I know that the decor is alot different than here in Chicago. Can you give me a website/store that is in Florida? I want to send them a gift for their B-day. I live in Chicago.

  4. How to grow vegitables in a container i lov to planting but dont have space i live in arlington va?

    How to grow vegitables in a container i lov to planting but dont have space i live in arlington va? hi i live in a apartment and wants to grow squash or tomatoes or green chilli planting in a container.can you help me by giving me any tipes or web site? 6 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer.

  5. Does anyone know of a way to plant tomato plants besides in the ground?

    I want to plant tomato plants this year but not in the ground because it is difficult for me to bend over and tend them,however I do have a large patio and can anyone give me some good ideas on how to plant them in something I can place on my patio?

  6. What sorts of flowers and plants thrive in the northern US?

    I recently moved to Maine from Pennsylvania. I'm going to plant a garden this summer, but I don't know what sorts of plants and flowers will do best in the cooler tempetures. Any ideas? I'm renting the house, so I only need plants that will last one season. (the landlord already okayed the garden, so I don't have to worry about that). The house has a small yard bordered by trees on two sides, and a neighbor and a road on the other two, and most of it is very sunny. Its very rich, dark dirt, but its a little rocky. I'm looking for flowers, vegtables and herbs. I'm also on a budget, so plants I can grow from seed, or plants that are inexpensive would be the best. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!

  7. What are some good plants that can thrive in dorm rooms?

    I want to keep gardening in college, so I was wondering what are some nice plants that won't grow very big, don't need too much sunlight, and are inexpensive. I'm especially looking for fruit-bearing plants.

  8. What plants can I have at my sitout?

    I am new for gardening or for plants. We live in Middle East and in Apartments of High rised building. This place is mostly hot (upto 45 / 50 deg C) and also humid. Winter is short and just comfortable on temperature. I want to have few attractive plants (Potted) in the sitout. Please suggest me few plants and ideas. Thanks in advance.

  9. How do i get rid of pricker bushes weeds and random plants to make a nice yard?

    I just moved into a house that has a ton of property the only thing is is that the majority of the property is covered in leaves pricker bushes and just random plants....some parts there are a lot of trees. I would like to grow a nice green grass this spring/summer...is that possible? Also there is another spot where im looking to grow a garden, would it be a smart idea to take out all of the pricker bushes and other plants now...or wait? or should i not take them out at all?? thanks beforehand!

  10. What to do with compost wastes if I have no garden?

    I really would like to compost my food wastes but have really no idea how I can re-use them since I don't have a garden - any ideas?

  11. how can you make a sloping garden into a level garden ?

    our garden is 126 feet long and 17 feet wide. when you are standing on the patio area outside the conservatory doors,your feet are level with the top of fence at the bottom of the garden. therefore,over 126 foot the garden level drops 6 foot ? What gradiant of the drop from the top to the bottom of the garden ? I have the idea of having a brick wall built ,17 foot wide and 6 foot high across the bottom,and two walls built up the sides,these two walls would be 126 foot each ,then the measurements become more approximate than accurate ? (ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE APPROXIMATE) the two side walls would vary in height the closer you get to the patio area ,the walls would finish just short of the patio area . starting at the bottom of the garden the sidewalls would be 6 foot high for 20 foot length then 5 foot high 20 foot length then 4 foot high 20 foot length then 3 foot high 35 foot length then 2 foot high 30 foot length to patio area ,ground level ? homeowners,terraced,side access only HELP ?

  12. Is there a garden item I can buy or make to cover my patio plants from too much rain?

    Many people besides me are losing potted plants because of all the rain we are getting. Can't bring them inside & have no patio overhang for them. How can I keep them dry when it rains so much?

  13. How to create a free standing unit to display several potted plants?

    I am working on my patio and have several potted plants I want to display. Please give me ideas for either building a simple display shelf (cheaper the better) or something I may find lying around that will be chic in using for this purpose. I have potted plants from 8" to 15" inch bowls.