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Free Garden Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any good ideas for decorating a large office building on a tight budget? I am looking for both interior and?

    exterior decorations. The outside building is white and the inside is neutral beige walls with natural colored hardwood floors and the company is in South Florida. It is a free standing building and pretty nice, but needs to be spruced up without spending a lot of money. Thank you!

  2. Do you have ideas for a carnival Halloween party?

    I am having a carnival/freak show party for Halloween this year. I am 17 and the guests will be about my age. Does anybody have any ideas for decorations, games, food, music, etc.? Thanks!

  3. Can you give mesome tips on Dining Room decoration?

    Hi ...I needed some tips on dining room decoration...like will flower pots increase the beauty of a dining room...Will gradient lighting improve it ...Does white color suit Dining room the best........Does a chandelier look better in a dining room...can I alos have links to sites that have some good pictures of decorated dining rooms...

  4. How to redo a teen room on a low budget?

    I'm 13 and want to redo my room in a Bamboo Forest/Japanese style, but I don't know how to do it on a low budget! Please help! Please give links, but if you don't wanna, ideas are good, too! Thanks and bye! =D @ SuNSHiNe, do you think you can check you sites again because every site you posted didn't work for me, but I'm sure they're good!

  5. What are some good Halloween theme decorations for my dorm?

    What are some good Halloween theme decorations for my dorm? I want to make my own drawings and stuff to hang up and so far all the themes I can think of are Nightmare Before Christmas and Silent Hill. Any ideas?

  6. Does anyone know of a good site with decorations ideas, tips, etc?

    All the ones I find seem very vague and most of them don't even have pictures. Thanks! All the ones I find seem very vague and most of them don't even have pictures. Thanks! (Thanks cozycat, thats really helpful! Makes me wonder why you even bothered to answer...)

  7. I am having a garden party. My yard is full of beautiful flowers and I need some ideas for some decorations?

    that are easy and stress free. Can you help me out?

  8. Are there any bronze fountain restoration or repair companies in Florida?

    The patina surface of my bronze dolphin fountain has change from a dark brown to a bluish-green, it also has some white spots. Where can have find someone to fix my bronze fountain in Florida? I also have a 2 bronze planters that could use some color touch ups. I would love to get a couple of quotes to get a price idea.

  9. 21st Birthday party ideas - looking for something a little different?

    I'm turning 21 in the middle of July this year. I want to do something a little different and already we've changed the venue 3 times. I was going to have something formal, at a restaurant but now we're going for an outdoors venue, about middle of the day. We're thinking botanical gardens or a rainforest (I'm in Sydney, Australia).The problem is, I'm not sure what kind of games or whatever we can do at the party. Any one have any ideas or suggestions? Also, since its outside, do you think it would be a good idea to have a theme or not? Just reading some of your answers i thought i should add, I dont drink anymore, neither do the majority of my friends, and since its going to be a day thing (again just for something different) I dont think they will drink either.

  10. What has been your best DIY Halloween decoration idea?

    I'm very curious to hear your DIY ideas on indoor halloween decorations but any would be great!

  11. what do u recommend for a purple room?

    my bedroom walls are light purple,I'm looking for ideas to change the decoration and stuff. like maybe some patterns on the wall that suit the color, or some bedding that matches purple, do u have any ideas? i'll appreciate if u show me some pics of that too (i have found some myself) thank u in advance. btw, i'm 22