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Small Patio Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to get started with Patio Gardening ?

    I am going start off with gardening at my patio. I live in a apartment (first floor) & I have a small patio. I wanna grow flower plants like Gerber daisies or Mini roses. I live in Denver. Any suggestions where to get started with? Which pots are good for those plants? Ideas on where I can get them?

  2. What to plant in a novice's kitchen garden?

    I've just started my own kitchen garden, it currently consists of tomatoes, potatoes and various herbs. I only have a small patio space, but I'm keen to make as much of the area and grow as much as I can in containers, or perhaps on the windowsills indoors. Any ideas of simple things to grow, and how to make best use of the space? I'm considering hanging baskets for herbs...

  3. I want to attract birds into my new garden.?

    I am moving into a brand new property soon which has a small/medium size westerly facing back garden with two walled areas. I have a lovely blank canvas to work with which will be turfed and will have a small patio. Any ideas of the best trees, shrubs etc to plant to attact birds into the garden. The house is in Hook Hampshire England. Thank you.

  4. Need Ideas for for plants for a friends garden?

    I'm helping a friend do up her garden, she lives in a terraced house so garden is 16ft by 30ft. I'm putting a small patio area at the bottom of the garden that gets most of the light but I need ideas for alpines for the left of the garden that gets no direct sunshine and some more brighter flowering plants for the right that gets some light, Any ideas please

  5. I have a large plain patio. Any ideas on how to dress it up w/o breaking the bank?

    I've thought about using containers & planting some bushes. Any ideas on what types of bushes or flowers. I've been trying to come up with something for the past month & still have nothing my husband will agree to. What is a 'manly' type of decoration?

  6. How can I naturally keep flies and mosquitoes away from my patio?

    I live in Charleston, SC, and it is hot and humid here all the damn time. My patio gets direct sun for most of the day, but it is still always damp. The flies and mosquitoes love it. I don't want to buy a nasty bugzapping lamp, burn a bunch of citronella candles, or spray pesticides which may make my dogs sick. Are there natural ways (maybe certain plants or types of mulch or ground cover) which will keep these bugs away from the patio?

  7. What can I do about the bugs and spiders on my patio so I can enjoy the outdoors?

    I live in Louisiana and have a condo. I am unable to go out side and enjoy the lake behind my condo because the bugs and spiders are everywhere. Okay I am exaggerating, but you get the idea. What can I do to get rid of the bugs so I do not have to put bug spray on every time I go outside. Oh, a bug zapper is out of the question. My condo association would not allow that.

  8. Tips for landscaping garden cheaply and quickley?

    I have a average back garden around 30 foot by 30 foot,I would like to landscape around the sides bottom part and two sides. What plants would you advise for all season,just overall any tips i would want to do it myself thanks xxxx Its sunny i live in the city liverpool,and would like it to look nice and maybe hide my fencing xxx