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Free Backyard Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do you kill frogs when their in your backyard?

    My mother wants to know because she doesnt like them always croaking at night. I tell her their good for the ponds we have and stuff but shes stubborn. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Any one try to drill a well in their own backyard by themselves?

    Tired of paying exorbitant water bills. Any suggestions? There are some do it yourself type of deals being sold on internet. They also shows some videos etc. Are these any good if I want to drill well in my backyard myself? What are the possible issues and things to worry about? I know if I contract traditional companies, I will end up paying tens of thousands of dollars. Please give me an idea of the cost and name of a company you have used if hiring someone is the best way to go. Thanks.

  3. What are good ideas for Halloween decorations?

    My front and backyards are just empty so i need help on what can use to decorate it with household scraps. Any good ideas?

  4. How can I lift my garden tractor up high enough to work underneath it?

    I want to change blades and clean etc. under my tractor but I can't seem to get it up enough to work under it.... Any ideas???

  5. where can I find info on how to design a backyard?

    We already have a workshop, but are adding a very large playhouse with attached swing set, and a shed. I need help with deciding on a layout. We have very large backyard and I don't know if the focal point should be the playhouse/swing set, or just open space and set the playhouse off to a corner?

  6. HO do you green up a brown lawn and how long does it take?

    I need to green up my lawn. I was wondering how long it takes. IT is really brown. Not dead i dont think, there are dead spots.(that will not come back.) what should i do about them. And i am gonna post another question with a photo of my house and i want to know what i should do with it. LIke what i should landscape it. That will be later though. So if you think you have cute ideas add me as favorite or whatever. I have a little pond ion the backyard and stuff. And in the front i have a section with some ugly bark and a LARGE ugly garden. Its all to much to take care of and i need sod. BUt anyways i should give those details later. The dead spots were just from not water when spring had started. and the whole grase isnt brown, just some spots.

  7. looking for help in transforming my backyard into a haven?

    i just bought a house built in 1867 and discovered that there are brick paths and brick patio so i am removing the soil by hand so not to damage the brick the yare is small and i put wooden privarcy fense all the way around and now i want to garden in what is left of the grass area. but i has searched the web for free help on design ideas and i can't find anything that is free. i can not afford to hire a landscaper to do the work for me so i wanted some ideas. does anyone know of any helpful sites that i might try?

  8. Is there someone take a arched pine hammock when taking a camping trip?

    I want to buy a arches pine hammock and place it in backyard, its shop assistant tells that I also can take it with me when camping, so i want to know whether someone take it when they are camping.