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Backyard Garden Ideas For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. What do I need to start a outdoor fruit and vegetable garden?

    I'm trying to start a garden in my backyard, but I don't know what I need to get it up and started. I went to home depot and I just ended up feeling like the guy was just trying to sell me stuff that wasn't necessary. So If anyone can just give me the basics and any hints, thank you. I also don't plan on starting this until spring since the ground would be to cold and hard to till.

  2. How to stop kids from smashing pumpkins?

    I have a pumpkin patch in my backyard an when some kids get out of school they come right to my backyard and either try and steal the pumpkins or smash them. I need some clever ideas.

  3. How big should I make my backyard?

    I am build a 1,900 square foot house on 5 acres and I want a good sized backyard but don't have any idea how to conceptualize the size. I want a large yard but manageable. I don't need to take up the remaining five acres.

  4. What is your experience with home schooling or self-directed educations?

    I am a successful professional but was an utter failure in school. I now have two kids that are approaching school age. For my own learning I can be very intense about learning a topic when I want to but I don't do well on someone else's structured curriculum. I would love to instill in my children a passion for learning and I would hate to see them begin to see learning as work. I am tempted by articles I have read about allowing children to pursue topics that interest them at their own pace. Do you have positive or negative experiences with this kind of education? What would you recommend I read/do to learn more?

  5. how can I get the little animals as beavers and moles out from my backyard??

    "It seems like I have some visitants in my backyard, beavers , weasels, rabbits, moles. I didn't mind their presence until I start to find my plants bitten and my terracotas broken, etc...etc....Someone knows how can I get them a little bit far from my garden without being too drastic, scare them or plant something that smells bad for them? I don't have idea what to do...And somebody knows if they carry rabies and in that case is safe for young kids to play outside given the circunstances ??? or maybe doesn't matter if they don't have any contact with tem...

  6. What kind of outdoor toys do you have for your 1-2 year old?

    We have a fenced in backyard and Noah will be 1 in April so I'm sure he'll be out and about back there often this summer. I'm stuck on what sorts of toys to get for him. I've been looking on Craigslist for a slide/climber of some sort and have found some cute ones. People have asked what to get him for his birthday and I'd like to give them some ideas. Trucks and balls have already been thought of. What does your little one play with outside? LOL, Alia's mom, I can so see Noah doing this too.... It's going to be a long summer of "Noah, don't eat that!" I forgot a pool, duh! Thanks ladies.

  7. What are some random things to do outside?

    I always go outside but there's practically nothing to do. Sure, I can bike or skateboard... but that stuff gets boring after a while. I don't have any forest around my house, so that's out of the question. Please, I need at least something to do outside since y parents make me go out so much. Also, there's only one practical rural thing outside that may give you ideas, and that's the 5 pine trees in my backyard.

  8. whats the average expenditures per month in Toronto Ontario for a new married couple?

    I'm planning to move with my wife to Toronto, Ontario. and id like to know the average expenditures per month. no kids or pets, just two couples. and we are looking for studio type as a beginning. it can be out of city but near by transportation

  9. Something to put in my backyard?

    Hey..Well my mom has 3 kids. Me (14) and two sons (16 and 17) We used to have a pool in our backyard, but it was taken down. This summer we're remodeling and we want to put something else in the backyard. it's rather large. probably half the size of the house? She doesnt want another pool or trampoline (she doesnt want us playing around on them when she's not home..?) Any ideas for something to put in?

  10. black or brown spider with white striped legs and white # on back?

    I just found it in my backyard, I have no idea what kind of spider it is and if i should kill it. I don't like spiders though so it's chances aren't great anyway. It wasn't hairy, the body was probably about an inch or so big, it literally had a # on it's back, the legs were lightly striped and were thin.

  11. How Fast Does Honeysuckle Grow?

    I have some seriously crappy neighbors in every sense of the word, and their kids are driving my poor dogs up the wall. We have a very nice 42" chain link fenced in backyard, but that is no deterent for the little angels next door that easily climb it and drop trash in our yard for the dogs to "Fetch". I looked into privacy fencing and that will cost over $500 (ouch!) not including labor (even if I help put it in). I'm on a fixed income so looking for other options. I came up with the idea of buying a role of kennel wire to attatch to the fence & grow honeysuckle (as much as I don't want this intrusive plant near my rose of sharon bushes). Sooooo, I need to know....I hear honeysuckle grows fast..can anyone tell me how fast it grows per season or per month? And can you grow it from "starts" or do you need to use seeds? I would appricate any ideas....thanks!

  12. I have a vegetable garden and somebody keeps stealing my tomatoes....what can i do to catch them ?

    I have a fence around my backyard...and I need some ideas to booby trap them or a way to figure out from which direction they are entering my yard...I think it maybe kids so I need something harmless and inexpensive