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Backyard Garden Ideas Design Questions Answered!

  1. Suggestions on how to build a trellis in my backyard?

    Im looking for websites that can give ideas or designs. It when done will be about 20x20 build it is a zig zag edge. Im just looking for help. Any ideas are very greatly appreciated.

  2. If you have absolutely no clue about how to start your own garden, what should be your first reference?

    It would be nice to know how to start laying the tiles and pots in my backyard, but I have no idea what of what designs or where to start! Is there a good book or someone I should talk to so that I can start the perfect garden in my own home?

  3. How to stop neighbours cat from coming into my backyard.?

    A couple times a day my neighbours cat comes into my backyard and eyes my pet birds. I want to get rid of it before anything happens. My neighbours wont do anything about it, i'm trying to get rid of it humanely but if I can't then then i'll be forced to apply some less than friendly methods.

  4. Why is a layering design used in composting?

    Why is a layering design used in composting?

  5. Is there a good web site that will help give me some idea as to the cost of building a backyard.?

    We have a flat backyard, just dirt now. We want to put a pool, some plants and a bar and fire pit. Is there any website that would give me ballpark prices so I know how much to budget before going to contractors, By the way we are in Northern california.

  6. Are chimeneas good heaters for the backyard?

    I live in Melbourne and would love a fireplace in the backyard. Someone told me chimeneas are not very practical. Does anyone have any alternative ideas?