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Fall Garden Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Does anybody have any ideas for a teenage girls halloween party?

    I'm throwing a halloween party on Saturday for all my friends, it's basically all girls, 2 boys were invited and some of my friends have brothers. We're all in middle school, and I don't wanna have a 'lame' party. My mom won't let me buy any thing else, so my supplies are very limited. I have plenty of food, and i want to try and stay away from games, please help me somebody. Any ideas are appreciated, creativity is greatly loved! Thankz =)

  2. Where could I find good quality Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead decorations?

    I'd love some good quality Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead decorations, the sort of decorations I could put away and bring out each year - rather than paper decorations that get broken, and something nicer than plastic decorations you get sold in high street stores coming up to Halloween - the only time I've seen nice decorations is in TK Maxx. Any ideas on where I could buy nice decorations?

  3. Where to buy herbs for floral arrangements?

    I would like to use herbs as a main floral option at my wedding. So I need to know where to buy un-cut herbs that would be tall and large enough to use in decoration.

  4. What is an easy halloween preschool activity that will include important learning?

    i have a teacher assistant interview and want to look good however i am not so great on lesson planning. she wants me to bring a lesson activity to do with 3-4 year olds. i was thinking something halloween, maybe counting. what would be an easy halloween activity that the kids can actually do at that age and that incorporates learning that is noticeable so i look good? :) Help please!!

  5. what should i do for my Halloween party?

    i am having a Halloween party tomorrow night with about 10 of my friends and my twin. we have no idea what we should do for our party. we are 12 and dont have very much money to spend on the party.

  6. I'm having an Enchanted Secret Garden themed wedding. The colors are pink and green. Does anyone have ideas?

    I'm having an Enchanted Secret Garden themed wedding and the wedding is in November ( fall ) but my colors are pink and green. I need some idea's on centerpieces and cakes and decorations and flowers and pretty much everything lol. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  7. Do you know of any great websites for quickie holiday craft projects?

    with the economy so very high i want to begin working on some clever,but very quickie craft ideas and projects for next year...that will wow the family during the holiday season...they will say did you make that? please help.thank you so kindly everyone..wishing you all a joyous holiday season.

  8. How to dress up your yard?

    Ok so he have kind of limited space but I want to make a garden or plant some plants something to make the yard look nice. I also want to decorate it for fall too. Any ideas? Limited budget!

  9. I am looking for ideas for a small diy wedding on a tight budget in october?

    late afternoon,on halloween or the weeekend of,inexspensive but elegantoutdoor and indoor suggestions,foods ,decorations,any ideas are welcome

  10. Ideas for asian themed wedding decorations?

    Having wedding at japanese garden and dinner afterwards at japanese restaurant. What ideas do you have for decorations that have an asian feel. My wedding colors will be mostly brown and green (a fall version... not lime or bright green) with pink accents here and there. Also, any good websites to look at or shop on

  11. scary halloween party ideas and decoration?

    I know it's early but if i don't start planning now the party will probably crash and burn. lol. i'm 14 and will be having a party near halloween and i want it to be so scary it will make you pee ur pants! haha. i'm also on a tight budget so any cool diy tips would be great. also it would help if you could list things that scare you the most. that would give me some ideas of what to put in the house!! thanx!!

  12. what are good things to do in omaha in fall?

    our family can find much around where we live (Omaha NE) any ideas?