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Backyard Garden Ideas Plants Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good exotic plants to grow outdoors in Colorado?

    Just want to get a nice little backyard garden going with good-looking non-native plants. Any ideas that aren't to expensive?

  2. What should I plant in my garden this year?

    I have a pretty big area for a backyard garden. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I say that , so you know the climate and soil conditions.

  3. What are some good landscaping and gardening ideas for a LOW budget?

    I don't have a lot of money(not broke!) but I would really like to do some work on our yard. What plants can I buy or yardwork can I do that works for a low budget. If at all possible, can u add pictures please? any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Give me some ideas on what to plant?

    I have a nice curvy lawn shape in my back yard and mulch all around it. There are 4 smaller trees that the landscaper put in but there are no plants......ideas to spruce it up this spread. The all mulch looking is getting boring. mostly full sun and the trees I have no idea but they are very cool looking landscape type trees. sorry, im new at all this. im in Nebraska.

  5. What is the best and cheapest way to make a 25 x 30 concrete foundation on an uneven backyard?

    trying to build a 25 x 30 building in the backyard to shoot music videos in and i need info on how to prep and UNEVEN backyard. any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. What to put on grass-less backyard to control dirt?

    Our very active mid-sized and large-sized dogs have turned what used to be a nice lawn in our backyard into lots of dirt. Since they are back there so much, they've quickly turned the dirt into very fine dust, which they also love to lay in. We need to do something about the dirt and dust they bring into the house on their coat and legs. We seem to have to dust more than other people, vacuum, and sweep the hardwood. We thought of putting wood chips, bark, more grass - we want to know what the best option is, or if there is more or far better options. Grass would be too hard to grow with the animals trampling it. Thanks for any help Sorry, In the Seattle, Washington area -8b climate area, and most of the dirt that was grass was under big trees we have.

  7. What plants work well in completely saturated areas?

    My backyard is immense but over half of it is extremely saturated.. at all times. What can I plant here that will not be drowned out .Any suggestions will be great, thanks! Keep in mind I live in a highly humid area, southern Louisiana.

  8. How do you build a portable cold frame in the backyard?

    I would like to build a portable cold frame for my plants in the garden. Does anyone have any ideas?

  9. How do I prepare for my garden?

    I've never had a backyard, so I've been growing vegetables in separate pots. In a few weeks, I'll be moving into a house with a big enough yard for me to have a vegetable garden. However, since I've never done this, I have no idea how to prepare the area. I plan on making it organic, as well. What should I do to the area this summer to prepare for planting next year?

  10. I want to create a Japanese garden in my backyard can anyone help, provide details and ideas?

    I am interested in creating a Japanese garden in my backyard, but I have really no idea where to start. I need some plans on where to begin or ideas on where I can go to find ideas on where to start and what to include. Links to pictures or anything would be great. Even sites that I could buy some of the statues and lanterns from would be great as well. Anyone with any ideas please don't hesitate to chime in. Thanks.