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Lawn And Garden Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How to make a barbie size garden for dolls?

    I'm making a doll house and wanted to make a garden outside the house. I was thinking of making a garden that had plants already growing and some ready to blossom or harvest; like a decoration. The doll house will be used to play with. Any ideas would help, thanz. I mean an artificial garden; a fake garden not real.

  2. What are some things I can draw in a garden?

    For school I am drawing like a computer game level. My theme is a garden and i need some stuff to put in it. Like I needs things to collect to give you points (i have flowers), things to avoid (im thinking maybe a pond) and other decorations that you would find in a garden. I also need some characters. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

  3. what is the best for my yard?

    i have a huge yard its on four city lots and i need some ideas what to do woth the yard. was a good weed killer to use around plants,name brands?

  4. I want to put a feature in the middle of my lawn. How do I go about this? Are there any websites with ideas?

    I want to include pebbles, gravel and a bird table and bird bath. I need to be able to cut the grass around it so what could I use as the edging. Something like stones, maybe.

  5. ok im a maid of honor in a wedding and well i wanted to get ideas for a bachelorette party?

    so i need ideas for the bachelorette party like games i guess or what do u do at one and also is a bachelorette party the same as a bridal shower? and if not what is a bridal shower? and what do u do at it?

  6. How do you raise $3,000 dollars in 6 months?

    I am going to college out of my own state, and in order to go to the school I want to, I will need $3,000 to build on. I am planning to raise more after the 6 months, but I need to know what are some of the things I can do to get $3,000 in 6 months. If I could get that much, I can go to school the fall semester of 2011.

  7. alice in wonderland/mad hatter tea party bridal shower ideas?

    I am throwing my friend a Alice in wonderland tea party for her bridal shower. I would like ideas of different things like DIY decorations or cute food ideas. Pretty much any ideas or suggestions to make it a wonderful shower and as much like the mad hatter tea party as possible! Thank you!

  8. What would be a good replacement for styrofoam trays?

    I would like to find a alternate form of our now styrofoam trays at school. They would obviously need to be cheap in cost but something that could also be recycled. :]

  9. Can you have a wedding for a $5000 dollar budget?

    My fiancee and I are getting married in May and he has given me a $5000 dollar buget to pay for all of our wedding that includes the rental facility which is already in the amount of $1,550.00. The rest of the money should cover the buffet reception, photography, wedding cake, wedding gown, his tuxedo, our wedding shoes, flowers/wedding decorations and servers to help and clean plus taxes and labor. Need an advice coz I don't think this amount is not enough to cover everything he wishes me to do.

  10. How can i save $2000 in 3 months?

    I need to save up for a trip to the carribean but I have so much bills to pay that I have no idea how. I get paid 1400 a month but it's still not enough for my bills. Can someone please help.

  11. whats a good namefor a land mowing and leaf blowing company???

    cant think of a good one, any ideas that sound interesting?

  12. help planning a 13 year old pool party at my house in May 15 or 16, a week before the last week of school.?

    I really want to stand out with this party ,starting with the invitations,the music and decoration,but I can't find any invitation that promise something different. I was thinking maybe a dj will make all the difference. Next to the pool we have a volleyball court, and behind a huge back yard. The kids a pretty mature no bratz or Hanna Montana. Beach balls and hula hoops ,may do the trick. I would love to have a Gathebo but I'm getting short on my budget Maeby I can build it..yeap most important I'm may have to build some sitting spots to...any ideas please!! thanks x your time ;)

  13. Garden weddings need some ideas or help would be great?

    Im looking at getting married at a park or garden. I need some ideas because i am running out of ideas

  14. Where in COLORADO (or something every state has) is a good place for a wedding shower.?

    I am looking in Fort Collins and I need a great place for a wedding shower. I place to rent or even a park. But I need activities and games and decoration ideas. PLEASE