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Perennial Flower Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. When should I plant this perennial garden, fall or spring?

    When should I plant this perennial garden, the flowers that I will be planting are Salvia, Perennial Phlox, Adam's needle, Giant desert candle, Sweet Wiliam, Lady's Mantle, Corepopsis, Boxwood, Crocosmia, Scabious, Prarie Mallow, Delpinium, Tree Mallow (Lavatera) and Penstemon. When would be the best time to plant them, so they all bloom the best next year? Thanks. Ps. this garden is about 15 feet by 9 feet, and full of these flowers. About how much should this cost in Canadian?

  2. What is a good perennial to plant?

    I am planning my wedding and have a good idea of a favor/place card holder. I would like to plant white or green perennial flowers in small pots. Can someone give me a good suggestion for the flowers? I am not that good at gardening so I would need something that is easy to maintain and can be grown in the house. Thanks for the help!!!

  3. Can someone help me plant a flower garden?

    I live in Northern NJ and I am trying to plant some flowers. I don't even know where to start or when to plant certain flowers. I am looking for deer resistant plants, since there are a real pest here. I was thinking about doing daffodils, Irises, pansies (from seed), geraniums, and I had success with ageratums. Any suggestions on other flowers, and when and how would I plant the above listed flowers.

  4. Which perennials will bloom at different times thru the summer?

    I am planning a perennial garden to plant next spring and want plants that will bloom at different times all summer into the fall. Any ideas??

  5. What should I plant this spring in my outdoor garden?

    I'm in the 5A-6B plant hardiness zone of Canada. I have a garden on a slight incline about twelve feet wide and five feet deep. It is currently quite rocky, it appears gravel was added underneath canvass for drainage (I assume) and then dirt dumped over it. Should I dig all of this out and start over? There are some perennials, (rose bushes - very ugly) that I'd like to pull out, and hostas I planted last year. What type of shrubs, perennials and flowers would do well in this area? I am looking for easy care type stuff, but I like pretty flowers. I also prefer wild flowers or those that look wild. I do not like the rose bushes, they are very difficult to make look pretty and are quite thorny making access to the rest of the garden difficult as they are so overgrown. Any tips for the small hill garden would be appreciated as well.

  6. What should I be planting in late summer/early fall in zone 6?

    I am planning and constructing a community garden for my inner city university (New York City) using raised beds. The footage of the beds has not yet been determined, but I would say at the very least 4' on all sides. Types of plants I'm interested in: mostly hardy plants, perennials, colorful, flowering in different seasons. Any good planting resources you can refer me to would be great as well.

  7. What are the best annuals to buy?

    I'm going to be starting a flower garden all over my families yard and I wanted to know which annuals are always 100% will grow back every year and are beautiful!