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Backyard Flower Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I want to plant a flower garden, but where should I put it?

    We have a huge backyard, but I don't want to plant them in a grassy place. I want to put them under a tree, but that's where all the raccoons and other animals use the bathroom and they mess it up. What should I do?

  2. Any great backyard flower garden layouts?

    My first backyard (long rectangular shape with trees in corners) and I really want to design a great flower garden layout. Anyone know of any websites with great garden layouts? I want neat ideas. Thanks!

  3. Any Neat Garden Ideas?

    I've asked this question before, but do you have any great flower gardening ideas for my garden in my backyard to make it look more homey? Such as different kinds of flowers or certain items that make it look more lively and delicut than others such as a bird bath please! That would be great.

  4. What is a good idea for a mystery story?

    Hi, I have an assignment on ghostwriting and i need an idea to write on including 1 from each of these categories Victims of a crime or puzzling event a store owner a grade 5 student an elderly woman a coach at a community centre Where and When in a backyard at a school at a store at a community centre a year ago Crimes or puzzling events a stolen bicycle a missing necklace a broken window a flower garden destroyed a missing wallet Just try mixing and matching using those ideas or you can up up with your own ideas.

  5. How do I decorate my backyard for a kids water party?

    The theme is "garden," so flowers and bugs. I have a large backyard with several ornamental pears. The kids are mainly preschool age. Do I just attach indoor decorations to the fence and hang things from trees? Not sure what to do, but I want it to look special.

  6. Looking for low maintenance flower that are easy to start?

    Looking for a flower that's easy to start and requires little water. Not able to visit the site often but want to plant in memory of a loved one.

  7. How would you go about creating a garden in your backyard?

    A friend of mine is trying to secretly make a garden in her backyard for her mother's birthday which is next month. I promised to help but i have no idea where to start and neither does she, anybody got any ideas? I know the mom likes flowers and nice looking plants. Tips or the names of sites i can go to would be greatly appreciated.

  8. What could I bring in from the backyard for science show and tell?

    Also original ideas outside the backyard, I've got an Aloe Vera plant for this week but next week I'm stuck. Also this is for a pre schooler, 4 1/2 yrs old.

  9. Does anyone have any photo ideas for a dog scrapbook?

    I plan on doing a scrapbook of my bichon frise, but i first need to take more pictures of her. What are some ideas for cute pictures? I plan on taking some of her in a wagon, sticking her head out the car window, lying on a bed, etc but I need more ideas. She doesn't hold still for very long, as she is still a puppy.

  10. What are good plant ideas for a Phoenix AZ backyard?

    I have a rather small backyard, so trees will not do. Basically anything that doesn't look ugly, lasts all year long in the heat and doesn't make a mess would be great.