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Easy Flower Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do you start a flower garden?

    Hi i've never had a garden before because my horses would of just ate them but now my horses can't get in the front yard so I want to star one, what do I have to do? And what are the easiest flowers to grow for a beginner? Thanks

  2. What are some good flowering bushes ideas?

    I live in Kingston Ontario, Canada So right on Lake Ontario. We just moved and we are starring a garden. I need some ideas for the spring. What are some relatively easy ideas? With flowers of course :)

  3. what kind of flowers should i plant for spring?

    i want to start a flower garden. what are the best, prettiest or easiest (to care for) to get? should i get bulbs or seeds? is it ok to mix different kinds of seeds?

  4. What are the EASIEST flowers to grow?

    When do you need to plant them? How does one start a garden? I've always wanted to have one, and now I have a back yard.. no idea where to start!

  5. What is a tree with a twisted, gnarled trunk that can grow in a garden?

    I'm starting a garden of plants with bright colors and cool shapes and I kind of got inspiration from reading about the garden at the Burrow as described in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. What's a really cool tree (and kind of spooky) with a gnarled up and twisted trunk that would add a unique twist to a garden?

  6. How can I make a sprinkler system for my flower garden?? I dont want to pay someone to come build some ..?

    elaborate sprinkler system. I just want something I can do myself and something that looks nice. Or any cool ideas some of you might have to raise the property value of my property with landscaping.

  7. What are some good green favor ideas?

    I've already seen/thought of herb garden/flower seeds. I also like the idea of a reusable canvas bag, but I'm a bit turned off because they're pretty big bags and filling them with something would be a pain. Having a creativity block ... Any eco-friendly ideas? Thanks.

  8. My garden is very dull what can i do to brighten it up?

    my garden is in the process of being sorted and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what flowers i could use to make it brighter and more easy on the eye. also what other decarations could i use to like statues keeping in mind im on an extremely tight budget any help please?

  9. What vegetables are easy to grow and grow quick?

    I've been looking for an idea for my science fair project and I stumbled upon this one: Do plants grow better in water, soil, or a chemical solution? Right now, all I need is to research the project and lay down the procedures. Next year, I'll be actually carrying it out. The problem is though, I know very little about gardening and don't know which plant would be the easiest for me to grow. What vegetable can I use in my experiment that is simple and easy to grow? When you say beans, do you mean any type of beans?

  10. How do I attract hummingbirds and butterflies to my garden without spending a fortune?

    Like any homemade ideas are great!