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Country Garden Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What's a good magazine that shows NORMAL homes for decorations and interior design?

    All the mags i see always feature million dollar homes with celebrities. I'm looking for a magazine that shows how to decorate a tract house that don't have 30 ft tall ceilings, and overlooks the beach. A mag with a lot of pictures and ideas. Like a crate and barrel catalog or ??

  2. What theme and where should i have my birthday party?

    I am a triplet with another boy and girl there names are Colton and Alexa. We want to have a great party for our 18th. We are planning to have it together because we hang out in the same group of people. we have no limit when it comes to money and we can invite as many people as we want. the reason we dont get a party planner to decide is because they are so lame and rude.

  3. What wedding ideas do you have for a $5000 wedding...in the midwest. (aka, no beaches :( unfortunately)?

    I want a classy wedding with 40-100 guests only. I want to be sure to stay within the $5000 provided budget (less if possible, as we could use the extra money toward our rings or honeymoon). I do not mind a spring or summer wedding for 2010. Any and all ideas/suggestions/resources/references/websites are really appreciated. Thanks in advance!! @(~_~)@

  4. What color walls should I paint in my house?

    This is just for the living/dining room combo. I have a dark maroon colored curtains. Dark wood dining table. Dark wood glass storage case. Black sofas. Black stand for TV. My mom wanted something light, right now we're painting it Kansas Grain Behr. She doesn't like the color because it's too yellow. So what color should we paint it?

  5. How do you plan a small, simple and classy wedding?

    on a very small budget? i just want something nice for my closest friends and family. but i still want it to be something special to remember does anyone have any advice on planning something like this.. help will be greatly appreciated.. i have no idea where to start. is it really ok to just do desert? im pretty good at that stuff and i was thinking of making chocolate covered strawberries and maybe a few other little desserts.... and the cake ofcourse.. a friend of the family is making it for just 50 bucks!

  6. Project ideas for a special education class?

    I am a middle school severe ebd teacher. The levels of my students are about 10-12 years old. I want to start teaching through the back door. By "the back door" I mean I want to start teaching using projects. For example, do cooking because it teaches math, design a house and build it (measuring and writing), go to walgreens.com and design a calendar using pictures, turn the classroom into a mini-business, etc. My question is does anyone have any resources for these types of ideas or no where I can find more ideas. The paper and pencil thing just isn't working for my students. Thank you! Thanks chcuda9! You seem to know a bit about what I am looking for. I am going to try and do this for every class...reading, math, writing, social skills and science. If some of those subjects overlap in the subjects that of course would be fine too. I am thinking it will be fine to do hands-on science experiments on their own their own though..

  7. Why should it matter that humans are now "over-dependent" on technology? What can be done to alter this?

    What is the relationship between humans and the environment in this age of growing technoogy? How, specifically, does the over-dependence on technology produce a negative impact on the relationship between humans and the environment? The function of technology is to help humans increase their chances of surviving ... right?!? Ideally, technology also improves the quality of human life. But, recent developments in the genetic engineering of food, and the distribution of fast food, show that technology also has the power to imperil human survival; and to reduce the quality of human life. How? What can be done to alter this situation?

  8. What day do people in Brazil celebrate christmas?

    My literature teacher has given us a multi media assignment on christmas in other countries and I chose Brazil and the only requirement I don't have is there celebration date

  9. What does Reindeer, Santa Clause, Elves, lights and the Christmas tree have to do with the birth of Jesus?

    I've wondered that for awhile now. I know most everyone celebrates as a family tradition but when it comes down to it, what does all of that have to do with Jesus Christ? Thank you everyone for your answers =)

  10. I have an asian-inspired apartment and am looking for cheap do-it-yourself ideas to spice it up.?

    I have a red couch and a yellow loveseat and a big asian paper umbrella and some asian art on the walls, but I want to know some more cheap things I can do to spice it up and bring it all together.

  11. Western look-a-like garden, instead of Tropical garden?

    dear all, i have a garden which i will start from nothing. i was wondering if anyone could share the photo of their garden (plants and decoration) to give me some idea. i'm living in a hot summer tropical country, trying to make it looks like western cozy kind of garden. usually pictures from gardening magazine only show part of the garden. or perhaps any URL ? thanks.

  12. Does anyone have decoration ideas for an outdoor wedding reception on an old farm?

    I'm getting married in June 2008 and I am having trouble thinking of ideas to create a SOPHISTICATED outdoor wedding reception. It would be held on my grandparents' farm. It no longer has animals or gardens, but is still beautiful with many trees, a farm house, a barn, a shed, and 80 acres of land.

  13. Sweet 16 for 100 people need a theme and ideas!!!?

    I need some sweet 16 themes and ideas there are going to be about 100 people and i need a goo theme please help!!!! : D

  14. What did you do for your Sweet 16 b-day party?

    I need good party ideas. Tell me what worked or did not for your sweet 16 party. If you have a good party idea, it does not have to be for a 16th birthday party.

  15. What are some ways to save on weddings & receptions?

    Looking for cost-saving ideas that will not make the wedding look 'cheap'... Everything from food, # guests, flowers, cake, etc.

  16. potted plants for kitchen window?

    i want to decorate my kitchen window with plants as i have seen always plants are in window on TV home shows. my kitchen is black and white and i want some color plants for decoration. from where i can buy them uk stores only. i dont want herbs. i have seen on ikea, but plants r not available for home delivery and ikea store is too far to buy just plants of worth 10 pounds :(