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Flower Garden Ideas Plants Questions Answered!

  1. What are some creative ideas for a flower garden?

    I am having a 850 square feet flower garden, and it is going to bed english/cottage style. its going to be mostly "elegant" flowers, like roses, lavender, eustoma, lillies sweet peas, angelonia, foxglove ect, that all bloom in summer, and are all shades of pink, purple, or white. there is also going to be a small fountain in the middle of the garden with a a rock walk way to and around it, made with rocks with mother of thyme growing between them . also the garden will be surrounded by a short lattice fence, and border like flower bed that it 8 feet up sitting on poles going all around the lattice fence with morning glories hanging down from them. And at the back, is a tall lattice fence 8 feet high with clematises growing up them. and also a arch at the entrance. i'm in zone 5 ontario canada. any creative ideas, or good plants to add will be great! thanks in advance.

  2. What's the best way to start planting a flower garden?

    I just bought my first house, and I have no idea where to begin in planting and designing a flower garden. If it helps I live in Virginia where it's a little warmer.

  3. help on how to plant a cut flower garden?

    i want to plant a cut flower garden in the spring, and im not sure what flowers to plant. we have problems with deer, so i'll need flowers that deer dont like. also, the garden will be in mostly shade. any ideas?

  4. What are some good flowers to plant that need a lot of water and sunlight?

    I want to plant a flower garden in the front of my house. My problem is that the spot that I want to garden gets a lot of rain because of the run-off from the roof. This is the only spot that I can put a flower bed for the front of my house. Any ideas on some flowers that are easy to grow?

  5. Get rid of clover in my flower garden?

    I have a serious problem with clover in my flower garden... I'm hesitent to use chemicals because I do not know what their effect would be on the flowers and other plants. When I pull them out they just come back stronger. Is there a fast growing ground cover that I can use which will fill in the gaps in my flowerbed and eliminate the clover?

  6. i need ideas for flower garden boarders?

    i am in the process of planting new flower gardens...FUN! but im trying to come up with something inexpensive, and pleasing to the eye that i can use as a boarder, and for a retaining wall...any ideas you may have would be great!

  7. What flowers should i plant so that i always have a beautiful blooming garden?

    I live in Vermont. in the summers its around 70-80 and pretty humid... i would love to plant this beautiful flower garden in the front yard when the sun shines all day long on them. does anyone have any idea of what i should plant? i love blues and reds if that matters...

  8. How close to my house can I plant flowers?

    I want to make a flowerbed right up against my sunroom. Now the sunroom sits on a fairly thick concrete slab, but my Dad thinks that it is not a good idea to create a flower garden there. I think it's fine. Who's right? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  9. What are the best garden plants to grow in Pennsylvania?

    eh, im growing a garden come Spring, but aside from Peppers and Tomatos, and a few various species of flowers, i got no idea what to plant. Got any ideas?

  10. Organic method to control garden critters?

    I'm looking for an organic way to keep away the occasional rabbit, woodchuck and squirrel that venture through my fenced in yard to have themselves a midnight snack in my vegetable and flower gardens. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.